Answers to Pop Quiz #2

These are the answers to Pop Quiz #2 so if you haven’t taken the quiz yet and don’t want the “spoilers”, do not read the rest of what follows!


Question 1

Correct response: A

The story begins “so the next morning…”

Question 2

Correct response: C

The Narrator states several times that his sister was waiting at the bus stop

Question 3

Correct response: C

The Narrator states he had just called his grandmother, who informed him that his sister was leaving, presumably to go to the bus stop.

Question 4

Correct response: C

The other man is seen exiting the store (which is across the street) at the time that The Narrator first sees him.

Question 5

Correct response: B

Her exact response is “Who that was that pulled a gun out on you?” which even accounting for urban grammar still makes no sense. Clearly she meant to ask “Was that who pulled a gun out on you?”.

Both C and D are increasingly fancy and stilted ways to ask the same question but B is an exact quote.

Question 6

Correct response: A

The other man says “oh your homies ain’t here” meaning The Narrator’s friends were not around and then stated that he did not have a gun with him so they could therefore engage in a “fair” fight.

Question 7

Correct response: C

The Narrator clearly states that he threw a crate at the other man and missed during the fight at the bus stop. The other man then threw a crate at The Narrator, which struck him in the leg.

Question 8

Correct response: either A or C

The Narrator first says that the gate was “by the old car place” and then adds that it was near to the store as well.

Question 9

Correct response: D

The Narrator ran away from the bus stop. The other man got in his car and gave chase. The Narrator attempted to climb over a gate but failed and slid to the ground. The other man rammed his car into the gate, pinning The Narrator underneath the front of the car.

Question 10

Correct response: A

After being pinned underneath the car, The Narrator realized that the car was entangled in the gate and couldn’t move. The Narrator then “wiggled his leg” to free himself, climbed on top of the car’s hood (bonnet) and then was able to successfully jump over the gate and run away into the field.

How’d you do?

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