More Gooder Relations with the English

Anyone living here for any amount of time knows that Romania is a comedy of errors, where even the most routine things get cocked up (as British people say).

A case in point is a screencap I took of the welcome message of the official website of the Romanian embassy in Britain:


Seriously, you’d think someone, somewhere would notify the Right Honorable “Doctor” Ion Jinga, that not only does his English fucking suck a donkey’s dick but even the text on the official website is shoddily written.

As a courtesy, I’ve gone ahead and fixed the text just in case anyone cares:

Dear visitor,

As the Ambassador of Romania in to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, I take great pleasure in welcoming you to the Embassy of Romania in London website website of the Romanian Embassy in London.

With a new look, inaugurated on the 1st of December 2011, Romania’s National Day Remodeled with an updated look on December 1, 2011, on the occasion of Romania’s National Day, the Embassy’s webpagesite is addressed to those (those what? LFMAO) designed to inform visitors who would like to find out more (more what?) information about our diplomatic activity and the services we provide.

Dedicated to the Romanian-British warm relationship between Great Britain and Romania, the Web page this website contains information about Romania, trade relations (with what? LOL), labour legislation and social security in the United Kingdom (???) as well as contact details of the main for Romanian organisations.

Thank you for the interest you have taken shown/expressed in the Romanian Embassy in London and for visiting us.

I wish you a pleasant reading!

Dr. Ion “Two Sheeps” Jinga

Ambassador of Romania to the United Kingdom

I have absolutely no idea if the passage about “labour legislation and social security” is really about those things in Great Britain (in general), because that would make zero sense to a British visitor, or if it’s about how those things would affect a Romanian citizen in Britain, in which case it’s not very clear and fairly unnecessary to write about in English. It’s confusing the hell out of me, that’s for sure.

But hey, I’m just pedantic, right? It’s not like there’s a political party in Britain which just won massively in the local elections that is actively anti-Romania or anything. So what does it matter if Romania has a two-bit ambassador who can’t speak the language or the Romanian Embassy has incorrect English on its official website?

Go back to eating those horse burgers, kids!

6 thoughts on “More Gooder Relations with the English

  1. sa ma pish pa ei da englezi…asa merita sa nu le respectam limba.. la cat stiu ei despre noi..80% nu stiu sa ne arate pa harta. Noi vorbim latina frate,plus o gramada de tineri vorbesc engleza in orase..destul de mult zic eu pt ce cacat de tara au.


  2. Takes me back to my College level English classes…..and being married to a Journalism major….points I’m sure she would appreciate. I have to say though it was an odd read. I would have expected better representation considering it’s an embassy.


  3. For the standards of official texts written by foreign speakers of English this would get a B-: definitely a bit off, but for a non-native speaker it’s very hard to pinpoint a way to correct it. It’s at the level where the only way to improve it through rewriting half of it – something that is not easy at all for someone who hasn’t lived and studied abroad when young (!).

    For Romanian standards it’s an A+ (just look at most official documents and websites).

    Uite, tradu textul asta in romana si o sa vezi cum e :)

    Still, I would expect a bit more from the embassy to the UK, I’m sure there are at least 1 or 2 people over there who lived a long time in the UK and speak English at a native level.


  4. nici engleza ta nu-i grozava, corectura e cam din coada de peste, remodeled si designed nu-mi suna chiar bine – nici contact details :0
    nu-i nici marinal nici mariner…


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