Bogdan Aurescu and Dmitri Kuleba at the NATO meeting in Bucharest 2022

Go Fuck Yourself, Bogdan Aurescu

Romania’s Foreign Minister, Bogdan Aurescu, is a world-class idiot.

First, during the NATO meeting in Bucharest at the end of November, Aurescu had a private chat with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba (pictured right at the top of this article) to ask Kuleba to outlaw the Moldovan language (🇷🇴).  Yep.

You might remember that the Romanian government did the exact same thing last year.

Look, I don’t know what the hell Romania’s obsession is with suppressing the Moldovan language, but it is way past the point of being creepy. Ukraine is obviously in the middle of a war for its survival at the moment, so what the hell is the point of worrying about which language is used in a grand total of two schools in Odessa?


In far more widely reported news this week, Aurescu fucked up big-time by completely failing to negotiate with Austria. As a result, Austria voted against Romania joining the Schengen Zone (yet again).

Instead of owning up to his mistakes, Aurescu has been blaming Austria, and the pro-government press in Romania has been going hog wild with anti-Austrian slurs and calls to boycott Austrian businesses, etc.

Some idiot in Cluj even graffitied (🇷🇴) an Austrian bank with the word “Nazi,” as if that will change anything.

Meanwhile, even little old Moldova got in on the fun of punking Romania by getting some (almost) free electricity subsidized by the Romanian government and then turning around and signing a deal with Pridnestrovie to get their electricity from there after whining for three months about needing Romania’s help to gain “independence” from Russian energy.

So that’s at least three idiot moves in a month for Aurescu and Romania’s foreign relations ministry. Perhaps I’m the only one who remembers that Bogdan Aurescu was the first guy to welcome mega moron Adrian Nastase once Nastase got out of prison, so it’s hardly surprising that he’s this dumb.

At some point, I truly wonder when the people of Romania are going to get tired of the utter incompetence and colossal stupidity of their government, but we all know the answer – never.

It’s simply too late. Every Romanian with a functional brain has long since emigrated and/or sold out to their Empire masters, so it’s only gonna be when Romania is denuded of all of its trees and transformed into a lifeless desert that the last few remaining survivors might grow a spine and decide to do something about what was once a truly lovely country.

7 thoughts on “Go Fuck Yourself, Bogdan Aurescu

  1. Go Fuck Yourself, Samuel Reames! Stop referring to yourself as romanian, you’re not. Just like American isn’t a language, jerk!


  2. Can you enlighten me on what the differences between the Romanian and Moldovan language are? I am dying to know. Because so far it sounds like you’re talking about an English language and an American or an Australian language.


    1. Go live in Republic of Moldova at least for a month or three and you will know the Difference between Romanian and the language spoken in the eastern part of Old Moldova(Bessarabia)

      Stop making a fool of yourself fake nationalist wannabe

      Republic of Moldova was intensively indoctrinated and its people Russified through language and customs.

      Romanians and other ethnic minorities in Moldova speak a mixture of bad romanian, bad ukrainian and bad russian language a mixture basically like Pidgin

      That’s the truth whether Romanians who live in Romania want to hear or not.

      If our countries will unite in the future we will need a HIGH degree of tolerance from Romanian Government to INTEGRATE people who have a slightly different language even if we can understand some of it like 40-50%

      DISCRIMINATION is not to be tolerated either against Moldovan Romanians or Ukrainians or Russian or other ethnic minorities.

      We live in the 21st century era not in middle ages where a few modern romanians still seem to live mentally from time to time attaching to destitute toxic thoughts and manners.

      They (Republic Moldovans)still speak in a lot of russian or ukrainian vocabulary which we do not understand.

      BY THE WAY Aurescu is the guy who the press in Romanian caught he SLEEPING during an Official Governmental Session.

      Just food for thought of the intricate Nepotism and Back Room dealings who forward Incompetent mediocre people who fear getting a real job in the Private Sector


      1. I tend to believe that you’re right for the most part but you might have missed some of the peculiarities of the linguistic evolution of the people in the eastern Moldavia, which may explain the more pronounced slavic character of their language. I’m not particularly familiar with the moldovan vernacular but I’m pretty close to the romanian language spoken in the northern Moldavia (in Romania proper that is). I know that there are many common words and expressions there of slavic, perhaps even slavonic origin which are not in use (anymore) in the literary romanian. I suspect that many of them actually just survived the purge of the “slavic” words from romanian language in the 19th century being kept in use as “regionalisms”. At that time eastern Moldavia had already been part of the Russian Empire for quite awhile and therefore was not subjected to this linguistic abuse.
        Even phonologically the romanian spoken in the northern Moldavia is similar with eastern slavic languages and sometimes if you listen to it being spoken but can’t hear the words you can’t tell for sure whether what you’re hearing is romanian or russian (or ukrainian, I guess).
        In other words, the slavic characteristics of the actual “moldovan” language might not be (only) a consequence of a more or less enforced or abusive “russification” as much as a manifestation of its unaltered ancestral character.


  3. I do not think that I meet such a low life like you.
    You moron the problem with the Romanian language in Ukraine is that the same language is called Romanian in Bucovina and Moldovan in the south of R.Moldova (Bugrac)
    And finally, why don’t you fuck yourself.


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