How Many Civilians Have Died in Ukraine?

Hey geniuses, since there’s a full-scale brutal invasion going on in Ukraine, one that the outlaw nation Russia launched out of the blue, and Russia is actively engaging in genocide as it continually bombs and lobs shells at apartment buildings and kindergartens, and is intentionally targeting the civilian population with hellfire raining down from the sky, how many civilians in Ukraine have died since the whole thing began?

Did CNN tell you?

Did the Washington Post tell you?

Did the New York Times tell you?

Did Ha’aretz or any other Israeli newspaper tell you?

Did Reuters or the AP tell you?

Did CBC or DW or the BBC or Sky News tell you?

Did anyone, ever, in the Romanian-language media tell you?

Well, shit! I guess they just fucking forgot. Happens sometimes, dontcha know.

It’s okay, the United Nations has that information for you: 1,123.

Mind you, that most definitely includes “pro-Russian” Ukrainians who have been under heavy bombardment for eight years, with no let-up at all until yesterday.

But we all know that only the blonde Ukrainians matter because they’re from a “civilized” country.

Anyway, sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled program! 🤡

8 thoughts on “How Many Civilians Have Died in Ukraine?

  1. Fuck off, nutty scum! I understand that you’re bound for life to live outside US and Europe, so good luck licking russian balls. It will probably end bad for you, but nothing of value will be lost.


  2. You’re an intelligent, well-read man, but your intense anger and resentment has you bloviating strongly in this case.
    The UN and Ukraine government says there have been 14,000 deaths in the area up until the end of 2021.
    In the invasion, Russia/DPR claim almost 500 fighter dead, the US kicks that figure up to 2-4000. I discount Ukrainian claims.
    The US claims Ukraine has lost 1500 fighters. The UN counts at least 500 civilian deaths.


  3. So there are only 1,123, many of them children, innocent victims of a mad man you love. Man, I thought you are somehow tricked into this insanity. You are not, you are an evil bastard.


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