Dismantling the Empire of Lies

In case you missed it yesterday, one of the world’s most powerful countries launched a devastating military attack on an innocent country.

Oh, wait. Did you think I was talking about Russia and Ukraine? LOL

I’m talking about the United States, which, in a fit of impotent rage, decided to bomb the shit out of Somalia while no one was looking.

The United Nations or the government of Somalia sure as hell didn’t condone that attack. But it’s “okay” since the United States can do whatever the hell it wants:

U.S. forces are authorized to conduct strikes in support of combatant commander-designated partner forces under the 2001 Authorization of Use for Military Force.

Yes, yes. I distinctly remember when Somali terrorists attacked on September 11. Oh, wait. My goodness, I guess I got mixed up! That was Saudi Arabia, which just bombed the shit out of a hospital in Yemen.

But hey, Russia is the devil and Putin is Hitler, am I right? LMFAO

There’s also a vicious war going on in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sudan. Indigenous communities reported their 23rd massacre of the year in Colombia. And northern Mozambique is tearing itself to bits.

Yet we all know nobody gives a shit.

If anyone really cared about death and destruction, poor old Madagascar just got hit by its fourth major storm in four weeks, leaving millions of people on the brink of starvation.

But nah, forget about those people. Just turn on the fucking news and look at the shiny ball brought to you by the good folks at Raytheon and Lockheed-Martin.

Meanwhile, in other news

Speaking of Ukraine, several underreported items happened yesterday that I thought we were worth noting.

First, after something like seven years of endlessly flying planes around Romania’s borders on the lookout for evil Russian attackers, it turns out that the idiotic “Air Police” program finally caught a criminal.

Only problem is that it wasn’t Russia that sent a fighter plane into Romanian airspace but Ukraine.

The polite fiction is that this is all “cool” and “okay” and no charges will be filed against the pilot. People are inventing stories about the pilot either defecting or else making a planned escape to avoid the plane getting shot down by Russia, but either way, nobody told the Romanian authorities about it beforehand. In normal times, this would be a serious breach of international relations. But hey, since he’s an “anti-Russian” pilot, it’s okay!

Secondly, several thousand Ukrainian “refugees” crossed over into Romania, and they’re being treated with open arms, a warm place to sleep, and hot food. Of course, if they were brown-skinned Muslims from Iraq or Afghanistan, the story would be different, but Romania (and to a lesser extent, Moldova) is falling over themselves to welcome these “refugees” from Ukraine.

I certainly understand civilians in Ukraine being scared and wanting to get away from the fighting. But calling them “refugees” is a bit of a stretch at this point, especially considering that a grand total of one apartment building and three homes in the entire country were destroyed yesterday. And the apartment building in Kiev was damaged when a different Ukrainian fighter plane got shot down and crashed into it.

In Romania, thousands of soldiers, both Romanian and foreign occupiers (NATO), have been moving around into various “positions” in order to look tough. Unfortunately, their grand fantasy of repelling a Russian invasion is going to have to wait a few more decades or centuries.

Even in Moldova, the army did some driving around in Chisinau. As for what that, exactly, is supposed to do about anything has never been explained and never will be. Nonetheless, Moldovan President Sandu declared a “state of emergency” that, as far as I can tell, doesn’t affect anyone who isn’t a soldier.

More useless political gesturing, I suppose.

In other hilarious news, Ukrainian forces gave up Snake Island after a brief fight, most of the soldiers surrendering. Nobody really lives there, but it “guards” the mouth of the estuary leading to the Danube River, so it’s kind of important to Romania.

And, of course, Moldovan news sources have been telling all sorts of wacky lies about Pridnestrovie, ranging from the serious (PMR “launching missiles” against Ukraine when, in reality, PMR has zero missiles to launch) to the picayune (PMR closed its border with Ukraine – it was wide open until Ukraine shut it in the afternoon).

For what it’s worth, PMR took in 167 Ukrainian “refugees” yesterday as well. They’ll do just fine here as Ukrainian is one of the national languages (and roughly 1 in 5 people here speak Ukrainian), and there is ZERO hostility here between Russians and Ukrainians. ZERO.

In Moldova, yesterday, there was a brief flurry of fear, but that rapidly subsided. Everyone around here (except for the fascists, who are perennial idiots) has had a chance to watch the Russian news and see what’s actually going on.

And What Is Going On?

You know, years ago, it was actually a little funny to me just how poorly PMR was misrepresented by outsiders. After all, PMR is wide open to visit, and the internet is unrestricted, so there is PMR news in English and videos on YouTube and TikTok dances and everything else to tell an outsider what’s going on.

Nonetheless, nobody ever bothers to look at it.

Likewise, every fucking idiot in the United States now seems convinced that Russian President Putin wants to “reconstitute the Soviet Union” and/or “repeat World War 2” with a takeover of all of Eastern Europe or some other such malarkey.

I honestly don’t know how to help people who cannot even be bothered to read what Russian President Putin has said in perfectly translated English.

Including most especially this:

US politicians, political scientists, and journalists write and say that a veritable “empire of lies” has been created inside the United States in recent years. It is hard to disagree with this – it is really so.

But in case reading a couple of speeches is too hard for you, let me sum it up:

  1. All those Nazis in Ukraine that the United States and Britain and its allies actively support and finance are going to be hunted down, tried in a military tribunal, and shot.
  2. No more idiots guarding the security of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site (this has already happened).
  3. No nuclear weapons in Ukraine (which President Zelensky was hinting about acquiring just a week ago), ever.
  4. No more US-funded and Pentagon controlled biolabs in Ukraine ever again.
  5. No more fucking around with talk about joining NATO.
  6. Putting a permanent end to the massacre of civilians in the Donbass.
  7. Arresting and trying the perpetrators of the 2014 massacre in Odessa.

The last one was particularly awful. And the fact that the government of Ukraine did nothing to punish those murderers is especially egregious.

But, as far as I know, nobody but me has ever put together the fact that locking people inside a building in Odessa and laughing as they burned to death is exactly what Romania did in 1941.

Out of all the cities and towns in Eastern Europe, it seems that Odessa was the only place where that style of “execution” took place, at least on such a scale. And it seems to me that some kind of institutional memory of evil is what allowed it to take place again in 2014.

Unfortunately, the streets have been renamed so many times that I cannot tell whether the atrocities in Odessa happened on the same spot, or where exactly they happened. All I can say for sure is that both took place in the core “downtown” area of the city of Odessa.

Either way, it is and was a particularly gruesome act of barbarity, and I’m glad that the Russian government has not forgotten about it. Too bad all the fascist idiots in Romania and Moldova who insist on calling Tiraspol “Transnistria” refuse to admit their culpability, something that I sure as fuck have not.

Moving Forward

Anyway, back to current events in Ukraine, I’ve already seen footage of thousand of soldiers surrendering to Russian forces. Every single one of those soldiers was treated humanely and allowed to go home after surrendering their weapons and signing a document promising not to take up arms again.

Obviously, you’ll never hear about that on the news LOL

The last phase yet to occur is the Russian government’s plan to “decommunize” Ukraine, which is a bit trickier to “translate” for people who don’t live here, but I’ll give it a try, anyway.

After the 2014 Maidan coup, many of the fascists in Ukraine started talking about “decommunizing” the country. Sometimes, this took the form of removing statues of Lenin, which was fine. Other times, it meant desecrating war memorials to the fallen soldiers in World War 2, which is a lot less cool.

But the most dangerous undercurrent of the “decommunization” movement was a growing belief that Ukraine suffered during the Soviet era due to what “Russians” had done, and so separating from Russia and Russian influence in modern times was a further way to “decommunize” Ukraine.

Sadly, most of these folks seem to have forgotten exactly what Putin talked about twice this past week, which is that today’s “Ukraine” is a patchwork of stolen lands that have nothing to do with historical Ukraine, and the only fucking reason Ukraine is the size that it is now is because of lands given to it by the Communists of the Soviet Union.

I’ve certainly talked plenty about Cernauti on this blog, and how it was straight up stolen from Romania/Moldova by Stalin. But other parts of Ukraine were also stolen at the same time, including Lviv (formerly Lemberg) which was Polish for centuries as well as Zakarpatisa which was part of Hungary (and today’s Slovakia) for hundreds of years, and Budjak, which is the territory along the Black Sea that was part of Moldova.

Even a broken clock is right, sometimes

On top of that, of course, were the areas formerly belonging to Imperial Russia that were later allocated to Ukraine, including Crimea, Donbass, and most of the northeastern parts such as Kharkiv. Every single one of these lands and territories was added to Ukraine by the Soviet Union. So when Russia is talking about “decommunizing” Ukraine, this is exactly what they’re referring to.

Romania, of course, being a loyal subject of the Empire of Lies, has gone out of its way to assure Ukraine that they never, ever want to take Cernauti back, which remains very fucking weird. Hungary, though, did not take it so well when Ukraine outlawed the use of Hungarian in local schools. Romania, of course, didn’t say a peep. Their only mission was to try and further crush the Moldovan language in Odessa.

What’s worth remembering is that many of these territories tried to seek greater autonomy and/or independence from Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union. Crimea tried to hold multiple referendums on the issue but was not allowed to. However, Zakarpatisa passed a referendum on the issue that was promptly ignored by the Ukrainian government. Romania might not care about its fellow citizens (including some who live in Northern Maramures in today’s Ukraine) but Hungary sure as hell does.

I also note that Ukraine has been actively suppressing its “own” minorities, such as the Ruthenians and Rusyns, which are a type of “Ukrainian-adjacent” people. These folks have only been allowed to call themselves “Ukrainians” by the current government, and not all of them really like that.

Long story short, fewer than half the people in Ukraine actually are “ethnic” Ukrainians who speak Ukrainian. The borders of modern-day Ukraine include vast swathes of territory that have never been part of Ukraine, and the people who live there do not consider themselves Ukrainian in terms of culture, history, or language.

As President Putin said, none of these people ever were consulted on whether they wanted to be part of Ukraine. Well, they’re about to be consulted. And my guess is very few want to be ruled by a government of Nazis and oligarchs who outlaw all languages except for Ukrainian and ban all TV stations that dare to criticize the president.

In other words, Ukraine is about to experience the fun of being a second Yugoslavia. As I’ve said before, it is batshit bonkers that the United States and most of the world pretended that the internal borders of the Soviet Union were somehow “inviolable” when it broke up, and that the 15 republics were “sovereign” countries in the blink of an eye.

The Empire of Lies has grown truly and properly stale, and it’s about time that the world figures it out. China sure has.

One final fact for you to enjoy: The space cadet in the White House and all of his fawning media outlets seem to have forgotten just how dependent the United States is on Russian oil.

Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers!

5 thoughts on “Dismantling the Empire of Lies

  1. Bro,are you sure you weren’t drunk when you wrote this article?
    You (or Putin) have to decide: were some of the Ukraine’s lands stolen from the Soviet Union or given to them ? How can you steal something which is given to you, in case that would be true.. And, in the first place, wasn’t Soviet Union actually the bigger thief? I remember them stealing some land from Romania, too..just to give an example.. perhaps you can clarify..


  2. Funny how you link to the EU site dedicated to fight against misinformation regarding the supposed “biolabs”. /facepalm
    Ukrainians suffered a lot during the Soviet era, read about the millions that died during the Holodomor.
    The so-called dependency on Russian oil is laughable. The monthly amount imported from Russia is less than a day’s worth of US oil consumption: https://www.statista.com/statistics/282716/oil-consumption-in-the-us-per-day/
    Talking about refugees, I guess you would love to live under the maniacs that run over innocent people with their tanks https://twitter.com/ArmedBroadcast/status/1497134985802747906


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