Celebrating Weakness

Something my wife said the other day (“weak people really love Covid”) really struck a chord with me, and after thinking about it for a long time, I realized that it explained a really big discrepancy that I’ve noticed since World War 3 began.

Namely, while nearly every country has become more authoritarian and dictatorial over the past year, there does not seem to be a concomitant move towards fascism.

Yes, many fascist leaders were also dictators, but fascism is not synonymous with dictatorship. Albania under Enver Hoxha was most certainly a dictatorship, but it was not a fascist system.

Not to get too off-track here with a political discussion, but one of the core elements of fascism is strength.

When you look at, say, the policies of Hitler, you instantly see that they were all designed to increase strength (“kraft” in German).

That’s why Hitler supported eugenics (sterilizing or euthanizing people with “weak” genes), made exercise and sports (virtually) mandatory, and was very focused on improving people’s diet.

Even taking a holiday/vacation was thought of as a way to improve your strength.

Likewise, capitalism (at least in its “pure” form) is also based on strength, i.e. the strongest business will (and should!) “win” in a competition with a weaker business.

World War 3, on the other hand, is entirely focused on promoting weakness, which is why I think it is so popular in anti-fascist countries like Cuba, Norway, Russia, and Peru.

As such, I performed a number of thought experiments, and this is what I came up with.

Team Selection

If you think that the government’s number one priority is protecting you from danger because you are so weak, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think your own mask is too weak to protect you, so you need others to also wear a mask in order for your mask to function properly, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think people are too weak and stupid to take the necessary measures
to protect their own health, even after a year of non-stop propaganda, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think censoring posts on social media is needed because people are too weak to handle “misinformation,” you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think people should be forced to stay home in order to protect the weak healthcare system, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you believe people have no natural immunity (acquired or inherited), and that only vaccines can provide immunity, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you believe people are indulging in their own petty pleasure and weakness when they participate in a public protest, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you believe that lying to the public is okay because people are too weak to handle the truth, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you believe that holding elections must be delayed because democracy is too weak to handle a vote during a pandemic, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you believe healthy people should have their lives destroyed in order to protect the weakest of the weak, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think that locking up weak, fragile people in their homes is better than letting them get some exercise and fresh air, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think giving away free junk food is a great way to protect weak people from getting sick, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think the police should use violence in order to force people to obey new, draconian curbs on human rights put in place in order to protect weak people, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think all small businesses are weak and should be destroyed, closed, acquired, or bought out by multinational corporations, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you believe that holding debates and engaging in democratic discussions about health policy would simply be too dangerous for weak people to handle, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think that vaccines are such defective and weak products that they need to be legally shielded from lawsuits and criminal charges, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think the news and government should only report Covid deaths, not suicide deaths or heart disease deaths because people are too weak to handle all that information, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think germs are evil monsters which “attack” the poor, weak immune systems of people, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think freedom of movement, freedom of expression, freedom of worship, freedom of assembly, and freedom to engage in privately owned economic activity threatens the lives of weak people, you are on Team Apocalypse.

If you think that literally everyone, even extremely healthy young people, is so weak that Covid-19 is a danger to their health, you are on Team Apocalpyse.

If you believe that trying to scare the shit out of people on a 24-hour basis for more than a year is the only way to get weak people to pay attention, you are on Team Apocalypse.

And last, but definitely not least, if you think one extremely powerful and strong virus can cause hundreds of different symptoms, including (quite literally!) no symptoms at all, and that this myriad of symptoms can last for six months or longer because people are so weak, then you are most definitely on Team Apocalypse.

On the other hand, if you believe that…

  • Human rights matter more than “safety”
  • Upholding and defending the Constitution is the number one priority of the government
  • People who are capable of voting are also capable of making their own health care decisions
  • Vitamin D, exercise, and fresh air are essential for health
  • Human contact, even amongst strangers, is healthy and good
  • It’s better to strengthen your immune system than shield it from threats
  • Happiness is an essential component to making life worth living
  • Group activities make people happy and are, therefore, essential
  • Your immune system gets stronger the MORE you are around people, not less
  • The arts fucking matter!
  • The WHO went from having perfectly sane guidelines for handling a pandemic in October 2019 to full-blown hysteria and idiocy two months later
  • People can disagree with you, and that is okay
  • Social media platforms should not be in the business of censorship
  • The truth is robust enough to handle debate, discussion, and “misinformation”
  • No one should be pressured or coerced into taking experimental medicine because that is exactly what the Nazis did
  • The Spanish Flu, the “greatest pandemic of the modern era,” was eradicated in two years without a single person being vaccinated
  • Your six-million-year-old immune system is stronger than a mask and alcohol-based “disinfectants”
  • The government using force to keep you confined in a tiny space that you cannot leave is the very definition of a “prison”
  • Recommendations are fine but mandatory rules are an unacceptable infringement on your rights

…then you are probably not on Team Apocalypse and, instead, a sane, human being who wants to enjoy their life during the few short years that you have on this planet, and you probably live in a place like Japan, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Belarus, Sweden, or Florida.

Alas, every hypochondriac, bootlicker, malingerer, whiner, and petty dictator on the planet has now been empowered to shove their culture of weakness on the rest of us.

Luckily, their case is weaker than the virus, their logic is nonsense, their ideas cannot withstand even the mildest scrutiny or debate, and their proposed series of “solutions”, including vaccines, vaccine passports, and using violence to crush dissent, are all going to crash and burn.

Until then, just like Anne Frank, we’re going to have to try and wait for this insane war against human beauty, resilience, strength, and dignity to come to an end.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Weakness

  1. Well, you clearly are a well read man who traveled a bit and who was lucky to develop a critical spirit. But may you please clarify what you mean by ‘World War 3’? Unfortunately, I did not know it started, but if it did, please send me the link to it. 😊

    Also, you clearly have no idea whatsoever on the important of cyber security, of the negative impact misinformation might have on (not necessarily weak, as you label it and which is quite limited and somehow idiotic) people who were less fortunate to have your access to education, and of the importance to have checks and balances in place on social media. Maybe instead of doing “thought experiements” and labelling people as weak, just because they might not fit your (or your wife’s world view) maybe you should go have a quick look at some books on social media issues, on misinformation, on how it can destroy families and turn friends against each other.

    As for corona, we all lived through it the best we could; who are you to judge really? And if you lived in a state where nothing was really done to protect its citizens you would’ve written of how bad that was. Keep this in mind and try to improve it: nothing is ever perfect as we want it; live with it and keep in mind you live within a community of different people. And while human rights are very important, while our immune systems do not depend on a mask and the vaccine might not solve the issues of this pandemic completely, those restrictions allowed some grandparents to still see their grandchildren being born, while others unfortunately didn’t even know they were born. That matters as well. That, in fact matters the most – because it’s thanks to them that we live in the world we live today; that’s to them we don’t have to worry about fascism or communism or whatever other oppressive political system. And hey, if you want to go live back in 1918 during the Spanish flu please go ahead, but don’t make that comparison to that as mentalities changed, medicine as a science evolved as well since then and this is quite a poor argument really (also, document yourself as the measures taken were similar to the ones taken now).

    All the best. :)


  2. You are such an idiot that even cannot make a distinction between Fascism and Nazism.
    And to demonstrate even more that you are an idiot is your statement that Cuba and Russia fight fascism. Cuba is a communist country worst than fascism, Russia is a combination of tzarism, bolshevism, and fascism.
    It Will be wise of you if you’ll stop writing these idiotic scribbling and pretending that you are Romanian.


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