Myth #35: Visiting Transnistria Is Risky and Dangerous

You’d be surprised how often you hear that Transnistria is a super dangerous country to visit, especially if you’re an American.

Even when my wife and I first visited Tiraspol, we were told lots of scary shit, including that we’d be immediately arrested and thrown in jail if we dared take any pictures of the border crossing.

The world’s scariest border crossing!!

The truth is that visiting Pridnestrovie is like riding a roller coaster. You’ll get plenty of thrills, but there’s not really any danger.

Your biggest (real) risks when visiting Pridnestrovie involve doing stupid things like drinking too much, fighting, and drugs (narcotics).

If you’re a tourist and you can manage to avoid those three things, I promise that you’ll be all right ;)

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