Cat Pictures Time

Plenty of time (soon) for more substantial stuff, but I felt like sharing a few cat photos today.

Click/tap on the photo for full-size.

Fully asleep in cat pajamas

The above photo was taken during the summer. Hera is now two years old but still acts like a little kitten. And she does love sleeping in some very weird places/positions…

Maximum relaxation

My dear cat Mr. Zig turned 10 years old this summer. But he acts just as playful and frisky as always. As the only (other) male in this house, he often gets overlooked, but he’ll always be my sweet boy :)

Grumpy but sweet, if that makes sense

Last, but definitely not least, Noodles also turned 10 years old this autumn.

I truly wouldn’t know what I would do without my cats!

2 thoughts on “Cat Pictures Time

  1. ce Bine! lots of great reading and links in the latest ,,ALL THINGS ROMANIA” …thanks from Las Vegas NV, sua….


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