Why Romania and Bulgaria Should Be Added To Your Euro Trip

Bucharest really is beautiful!

hannah rose

To be honest, Romania and Bulgaria were never high on my ‘must travel to’ list. However, as I crossed the border from Moldova into Romania, I was instantly taken back by its breath taking beauty. Rolling hills of greenery, tiny colorful villages on cliff faces and rivers entwining their way through the hidden valleys.

Two countries I knew so little about, with images of gypsies wondering in sparkly clothes and flowing skirts, oh and of course vampires. I sat in cars hitch hiking as we drove our way winding through the towering mountains and green all around me. I sat in ore, the most beautiful countries I have ever visited flashing past me. Even getting dropped in the middle of a high way in Bulgaria and forced to walk 3km with my heavy backpack didn’t faze me with these surroundings. We walked through what felt like an enchanted forest, right next to a busy…

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