Positive energy circulating around the city of Bucharest


Lover of Life

radisson bar Radisson’s bar

Stayed @ Radisson Blu Hotel

Good location, comfortable rooms, professional staff inside the hotel(Because in the fitness area they are not). No doubt a beautiful 5 star hotel. There is a central bar that gives the ice bar effect at night, very lovely and elegant, with a view of big pool outside. For the breakfast, an option to eat on the ground level which serves variety of delicious food or the breakfast on the rooftop where you can enjoy the view of the city. The large jacuzzi is an oasis of beautiful relaxation. The sauna which is located under the fitness area where you need to pay more is not as how I expected. You need to pass to the chaotic shower cubicle and talk to the old lady that doesn’t speak English. The sauna for male and female is separated. So for a couple who wish to…

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