Romanian Cops Engage In International Crime Spree

Ahh, it seems as though the good old Romanian police apparently are no longer satisfied with running scams in their own country and have decided to branch out to Denmark of all places.

A Romanian thief was working at the behest of national authorities when he stole construction equipment from Danish firms, a report in the trade journal Tidsskrift for Kriminalret has revealed.
According to the report, the man stole three construction machines from Scantruck in Skive in November 2013 and drove them to Romania where they were delivered to individuals described as being part of the Romanian mafia. A month later, the same man stole six telescopic loaders from the Ulfborg firm Nicolaisen & Larsen.

Nice! This is what we call entrapment, something that is illegal for most law enforcement agencies. But apparently not for the Romanian police!

Meanwhile the Romanian police issued this weakly-worded response (in Romanian) saying that they’ve done nothing wrong and that the case in question was a DIICOT sting and that the police always cooperate with the local authorities when operating outside of Romania.


In a case that had remained out of the public eye until the journal’s report, the Eastern High Court in 2013 ruled that Romanian police ordered thefts to the tune of four million kroner in an attempt to entrap Romanian criminal masterminds. Public prosecutor Jan Rechendorff told news agency Ritzau that it was “a very, very special case” because Danish authorities knew nothing about the plans of their Romanian counterparts, which are illegal under Danish law.


Meanwhile, despite the fact that this sting happened in 2013, there’s not a single announcement anywhere on DIICOT’s website about arresting anyone for anything related to stealing heavy equipment in Denmark. But what can you expect from these clowns when they treat the Danish police like shit:

The report said that Danish authorities have long since asked the Romanian police to return the stolen equipment but have received no response to their request.

Obviously, someone somewhere in Romania is enjoying their nine expensive pieces of stolen construction equipment, a crime for which no one has literally ever had to pay (or answer) for.

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