La Roumanie est vraiment un pays béni pour les eaux minérales

Wow! Easily one of the first things that ever impressed me about Romania was the supreme deliciousness and qualities of its water. It’s been an ingrained part of me for so long that I only wrote one article on the subject in the last five years but everyone who knows me knows how much I love Romanian water. In fact, one of the reasons why my life in Chisinau is so good is precisely because I can buy Romanian water here.

So I was quite excited to read this interview (in French) with legendary water man Jean Valvis, whereupon he extols Romanian mineral water as the best in the entire world.

He ought to know as he’s been working in Romania for more than 20 years, first developing Dorna (which he then sold to the regional Coca-Cola company) and later Aqua Carpatica. In fact, he loves Romania so much that he married a Romanian woman.

Note: the title of this article translates to “Romania is truly a country blessed with mineral waters”.

Of course, the best Romanian water doesn’t come in bottles. I cannot even count how many villages I’ve traveled to that had their own izvor (spring) with fresh water coming down from the mountains – yum!

But from what I read, Romanian water is now on sale not just throughout the European Union but also as far as Japan and the United States. I’ll raise a glass to that.

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