Cluj has a decent shooting range where you can embrace your inner ‘Murican and fire handguns under the excellent tutelage of one of its instructors.  It’s called Cluj Shooting Center (Poligon de Tir Cluj Napoca), located in the city’s western industrial zone, and it’s a fun place to go with your buddies and blow off steam, provided your taxi driver can find the place.  Ours admitted that he’d never been to the area before and had to use his navigation system to get us there.

The best part of the experience was that the instructor we got, Sergiu, spoke excellent English, had a great sense of humor, and was a very patient teacher.  For the simple price of the bullets we shot, he supervised each of us through the entire clip, stating and then restating what we should and shouldn’t do with firm but helpful guidance.  The education that came free with the bullets was worth many times more than what we ended up paying.  I can’t promise that you’ll have the exact same experience if you go, but I’m sure it will be similar, as the staff won’t want a bunch of tyros in the range aimlessly waving guns around.

In comparison to my experience at shooting ranges in the U.S., in Cluj I got a much better understanding of how to handle a gun.  This is counter-intuitive, as the U.S. ought to be the place with the most outstanding gun safety training.  It may be, but one blind spot I think I fell into in the U.S. was that many times gun safety seemed to be taken for granted.  It was almost as if you were ‘supposed to know’ how to handle a gun before you went shooting in the first place because ‘Murica.  Maybe your experience has been entirely different.  I dunno.

Anyway, for about a dollar a round, you can have a kick-ass time and actually learn something useful in the process.  Check it out if you want to try something out of the ordinary in Cluj.


  1. My experience would be the same as yours except I did not have the chance to experience shooting in the States.

    Great place to learn both how to shoot but not least how to respect the gun and also how to respect the people around you when you’re handling any gun.


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