Interview with Diana Florina Cosmin

In case you’ve never heard of her, Diana Cosmin is the editor of the Romanian edition of Forbes magazine. Click here for an interview (in English) with her, as Diana enumerates 25 reasons why she’s so amazing and awesome.

I remember interviewing a master-perfumer from Japan, 5 years ago, for Forbes. She was also a clairvoyant, so she would close her eyes and tell each one of us, journalists, what she “saw” in our aura. It was the first time we met, she didn’t even know our names and I must admit I wasn’t a big believer in this whole clairvoyance thing. However, in my case, she said that she could see a big old mountain, with an antenna on top, transmitting to the world. It makes me smile to think of that, because the image still lives in my mind.

Hmm.. interesting :)

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