Cops Arrest Tourists for Taking Selfies in Front of Klaus House

So far it’s only in Romanian, but two tourists were arrested in Sibiu yesterday for taking selfies on a public sidewalk near President Johannis Klaus’s house.

My translation:

A man and a woman were arrested and taken to the Sibiu Municipal Police station last night at 7:00pm by a team of gendarmes. The personal information on the two individuals was entered into our database to verify secondary information about their identity. After determining there was no threat, they individuals were allowed to leave,” said Commissar Luciana Lazar, spokeswoman for the Sibiu County Police Inspectorate.
The Sibiu Gendarmerie added that it is not illegal to take a photograph of President Iohannis’s house if the individuals are standing on public property. Nonetheless, the SPP [Romanian Secret Service], which protects the house located on Balea Street near the downtown/city centre, has made it mandatory for gendarmes to interrogate anyone who stops in front of the building.

Nice! The spokesperson for the Sibiu Gendarmerie also added that arresting the two tourists was “just a misunderstanding” because one of the men claimed he was a cop in RM (which turned out to be true) and “anyone can say they’re a cop, so we had to check it out.”

The pain that comes from only owning 5 houses
The pain that comes from only owning 5 houses

Tourists, you’ve been warned! Stay away from Balea Street in downtown Sibiu and never, ever take a selfie in front of the president’s house.

In fact, just to be safe, never take a selfie anywhere in Sibiu because Klaus actually owns five houses in the city.

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