Nuland Reveals Plan to Crush Democracy in RM

Just yesterday I revealed Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland’s grand plan for the Republic of Moldova, and I see that she gave a little speech at the American Embassy in Bucharest yesterday after a private dinner with PM Ciolos and President Klaus.

Nuland only speaks English but the text isn’t available on the embassy’s website so you can read the Romanian translation here or read my re-translation back into English here:

We powerfully support the desire of the people in Moldova to have responsible leaders who can implement reforms. This is the best way to assure the future of Moldova. Romania and the United States, in conjunction with NATO, have support programs in place to assure the security of Moldova but the government has to work to implement these programs.

I guess she “forgot” that Moldova has a clause in its Constitution assuring military neutrality, which joining NATO would violate. To say nothing of the fact that only the most extreme pro-EU politicians around here have ever advocated NATO membership as it would be vehemently opposed by the majority of the people.

As you know, Moldova has been undergoing a governmental crisis in the past few months, which is why we have been working with our partners to support negotiations to form a new government.

Indeed! Too bad these partners are the same crooks which siphoned off more than a billion dollars from this tiny country’s economy.

But here’s the real kicker:

The new Moldovan government must return to negotiations with the IMF.

Aha! Now we get to the heart of the matter!

The most important thing is that Moldova has a government that is strongly pro-European.

No, the most important thing is that Moldova has a democratic government that represents the will of the people.

Meanwhile, the non-partner of the USA, and the most genuinely popular politician in Moldova, Igor Dodon, and his unabashedly pro-Russia Socialist Party, have launched an appeal to the Constitutional Court against the last-minute nomination of Pavel Filip for Prime Minister.

Essentially, everyone knows that new elections need to be called, so this is Dodon pushing his advantage to get over with the waiting and shatter the incredibly fragile “pro-EU” coalition’s desperate attempt to stay in power.

But here’s the key clause from later in the article (referring to RM President Timofti’s nomination of Ion Sturza for PM earlier this month):

After closed-door consultations with visiting US Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Bridget Brink in mid-December, Timofti unexpectedly nominated Ion Sturza, Moldova’s Prime Minister in the late 1990s, as his candidate for the head of government.

Exactly as I said yesterday! It’s always so “amazing” how supposed advocates of democracy and freedom do all their work behind closed doors and during lavish private dinners.

Of course, if it were Russia holding private dinners with the heads of state and supporting criminal politicians, everyone and their brother would be (rightly) outraged at the meddling. Somehow though, it’s always okay if the United States does it.

In slightly related news, the Unsleeping Eye brought me this rather dry report on some changes that the pro-EU bloc of the Moldovan parliament made to the Labor Code during its last days in power at the end of 2015, including making it easier to fire employees.

Here’s the pithy analysis:

The abolition of the limitation previously imposed on managing directors, and the possibility to immediately terminate labour relations are big steps forward in stimulating investments in Moldova. The other amendments are unfortunately meant to further strengthen the Labour Code in its position of one of the most employee-friendly legislation systems in Europe (if not in the world).

Yes, firing people more easily makes the country more “friendly” to investors and supporting employee rights is unfortunate.

The powers that be will never rest until the entire world is crushed underneath their heel, will they?

14 thoughts on “Nuland Reveals Plan to Crush Democracy in RM

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  3. Are you in sane? Do you put a moral equal sign between US and Russia?
    Now I’m glad that they kicked you out from Romania and I cannot wait for
    the day you’ll be kicked out from Moldova too.
    So you’ll move to Russia from where you can spread your venom against US,
    your country.


      1. You miss the point. You can criticized US as long you want but not in the context
        of comparing with Russia.
        Since Peter the Great Russia was an enemy first of Europe then to the world.


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