Every Man for Himself, and May the Devil Take the Hindmost

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Every time a Moldovan tells me how great it would be if the unirea (political union with Romania) would happen, I always ask them the same question. “Why in the world would you want those fucking crooks in charge of your life?”

In Romania, just a week after siccing the dirtbag police on a group of unarmed shepherds, the parliament just voted in a new law designed to boost the salaries of mayors and other local politicians:

Romanian MPs on Monday backed the new law that will see bonuses handed out to mayors, deputy mayors and county council chairpersons.

MPs who supported the law said salaries in local administration are low, discouraging talented people from holding office.

“We hope the law will lure experts in various fields to run for posts in the local administration and thus increase the quality and performance at the local level,” the speaker of the Senate, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, said shortly before the vote.

It is truly staggering that Calin Popescu-Tariceanu is still a politician, much less the freaking speaker of the Senate. After becoming the prime minister 11 years ago, he then proceeded to wreck the entire economy by doing exactly the same thing – giving bonuses and salary increases to government employees. Yet apparently the Romanian people love to be abused, as he just spearheaded an effort to do it again!

fig. 1 - How to steal from people and then get them to pay you to do it
fig. 1 – How to steal from people, and then have them to pay you to do it

Not only are these bonuses a huge drain on the already overtaxed budget, but CPT’s statement about how the money will attract “experts” or better politicians is a total and complete fucking lie. Just a year ago, the Romanian parliament voted in a DIFFERENT salary increase for mayors and local politicians, as I wrote about at the time. In that article, I proved that the salaries are either a) insanely too high for smaller towns and cities or b) way too low for mayors of big cities.

This is brazen robbery at its finest, with CPT and the illegally large blood sucking parasites of Parliament completely ignoring the will of the people in order to better secure their iron grip around Romania’s throat.

Romania, much like a feudal kingdom, is completely ruled by Bucharest, with a mayor living 500 kilometers away completely dependent on Parliament for his salary. Unlike every other EU democracy that I can think of, Romania’s feudal system means that tax revenue and other forms of income (think fines, tickets, and administration fees) raised in a city goes first to Bucharest, and then the mayors have to hope they’ve got the right political connections to get some of that money back.

If the mayor is a member of the same party as whichever gang of thieves is ruling Parliament, then the money floods into your city. If your mayor belongs to the “wrong” party however, you’ll never get any money. That’s why Cluj flourished so well when Emil Boc (former, and now current mayor, of Cluj) was Prime Minister, and why it suffered when Victor Ponta (who belongs to the “other” party) came to power in 2012.

It’s a fucked up system, and you’d think the people of Romania would be tired of it, but apparently the sop of having Victor Ponta resign after the Colectiv fire was enough to keep Romanians docile and obedient. Sadly, just as I predicted in my post last month:

Watch, and you’ll see that the Romanian news media will switch this week to the “usual” fare of witches, gossip, musicians, celebrity divorces, and new trends in fashion. And everyone will forget that corruption and lax fire safety standards continue to kill and maim people in Romania on a regular basis.

Why don’t we just end this farce once and for all? I say that Parliament should just pass a law mandating that every fucking cent earned by the people should go directly into the pockets of politicians. No more schools, no more healthcare, no more roads, and no more anything. Let’s just give all the money directly to these incompetent buffoons. Why not? At least it’s more honest than CPT claiming that providing kickbacks (oops, “bonuses”) to local mayors is going to help Romania in any way whatsoever.

Seriously though, what’s it going to take for Romanians to get fed up with this shit and have a real revolution?

One thought on “Every Man for Himself, and May the Devil Take the Hindmost

  1. This is the case in every democracy. At least in the ones where each person gets an equal vote regardless of how much they contribute to the tax base. There is a little incentive to keep politicians accountable in such a system. There’s no use in getting worked up over this, it won’t change.


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