Poking the Giant

In response to your letter on December 19, 2018, asking the Central Bank of Romania’s opinion on the emergency ordinance to raise taxes, we hereby send you a series of analyses that we have conducted. We would also like to mention that since we only had a limited amount of time to prepare this report, our conclusions must be considered merely preliminary in nature. Continue reading Poking the Giant

The Ballad of the Budget of Marisel

Word Count: 2348 You cannot even imagine how excited I was to read this: A programme launched by the finance ministry on Friday now makes available monthly budget execution data for the country’s roughly 17,720 state institutions, including parliament, ministries, city halls, schools and hospitals. . “Any citizen, company and taxpayer can now see how public funds are distributed and how they are spent by … Continue reading The Ballad of the Budget of Marisel

En Garde, IMF!

It’s no secret that I have almost zero respect for Romanian journalists and bloggers. But I am starting to get a serious writer crush on Moldovan journalist Vitalie Calugareanu, who has been writing (literally!) the only decent analysis I’ve seen anywhere in the Romanian language on what’s going on in the Republic of Moldova. Because his latest article is so good, I decided to translate … Continue reading En Garde, IMF!

Every Man for Himself, and May the Devil Take the Hindmost

Word Count: 729 Every time a Moldovan tells me how great it would be if the unirea (political union with Romania) would happen, I always ask them the same question. “Why in the world would you want those fucking crooks in charge of your life?” In Romania, just a week after siccing the dirtbag police on a group of unarmed shepherds, the parliament just voted … Continue reading Every Man for Himself, and May the Devil Take the Hindmost