Wedding Picture Part 1

If you want to see some photos of our happy day, enjoy!

Note: I’ve put them here as thumbnails so they load more quickly. If you want to see a picture full-size, just click on it.

20150922_140613 copy

20150922_141050 copy

20150922_140603 copy

20150922_135430 copy

20150922_135448 copy

20150922_140454 copy

20150922_135414 copy

20150922_135247 copy

20150922_135227 copy

20150922_134723 copy

20150922_134805 copy

20150922_135058 copy

20150922_134710 copy

20150922_134636 copy

20150922_134540 copy

20150922_133923 copy

20150922_114100 copy

20150922_094231 copy

20150922_093833 copy

20150922_093858 copy

20150922_094129 copy

20150922_093748 copy

20150922_093553 copy

20150922_093533 copy

20150922_092804 copy

20150922_092811 copy

20150922_092836 copy



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stuart M. says:

    She looks so happy! Let’s keep it that way!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Casa de piatra! Si sa va duca fericirea in sus printre stele..


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