Eugenics, Apartheid, and Immigration Laws


I understand there’s a really deep sense of personal satisfaction that comes with being in compliance with the law, no matter how stupid, racist, and evil that law is. Right? As long as you personally benefit, and have no trouble, then it’s really, really easy to turn a blind eye to other people getting shafted.

I wrote about what I think about immigration laws in Romania and Moldova this week, as well as last year, and a few other dozen times.

In my mind, immigration laws are just as stupid and evil as other laws that were once in place in “civilized” countries like Germany, Australia, the United States, and South Africa. In fact, they’re almost identical in many ways. Those laws started out from a good idea, to protect the local citizens from something, and then they required registration and paperwork, and then the laws got badly abused, and eventually the people rose up against them, and now they’re considered archaic remnants of an ignorant past. One day, I am quite sure, the laws on immigration in all countries will baffle the children of the future as to why they ever even existed.

Since humanity forgets so easily, let’s review a few similar examples.


Most people think of Nazi Germany as the pioneers of sterilizing and “weeding out” people considered unfit. Well, they certainly did their best to “cleanse” the native population of filthy, foreign influences, but they weren’t the pioneers. No, that honor goes to the United States. Open any Popular Mechanics, Life Magazine, or other classic journal from the period of about 1905-1930 and you’ll see constant references to “race hygiene” and other code words for eugenics.

Much of this evil started with the cousin of Charles Darwin, an odious little man named Francis Galton, who took the brand-new theories of evolution and decided that what humanity needed was selective breeding in order to weed out “weak” members of the gene pool. Logically, of course, this all sounds fine and dandy. It’s only when you put it into practice that shit goes horribly wrong.

Case in point was the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 in the American State of Virginia, which gave the government the power to forcibly sterilize people against their will. Lots of people rebelled against this horrible law, even though by doing so they were “trouble makers” and “didn’t follow the rules”, you know. One of those “law breakers” was a woman named Carrie Buck, whom the good prosecutors and law enforcers of Virginia decided was “feeble minded” and needed to have her uterus removed so that she would never be able to have children.

This case ended up in front of the Supreme Court in 1927, and all of the esteemed and wise judges, including the much-lauded Oliver Wendell Holmes, decided that yep, eugenics laws were great and awesome, and so it was perfectly okay to deny Carrie Buck her basic human rights as a human being simply because she was stupid, or retarded, or “feeble minded”. This fucked up her entire life, and caused her endless sorrow.

But guess what? It turned out that she wasn’t even retarded, or feeble-minded, at all. She was railroaded by evil government agents who wanted to prove a point. And it was only 75 years later that the government of Virginia got around to apologizing to her, which didn’t do her much fucking good, as she was dead by then.


At one time, the government of South Africa had a real problem. The white descendants of British and Dutch settlers were running the country, but were vastly outnumbered by both local African people as well as Indians (from India). The white rulers felt that if they relied on democracy, where every adult gets a vote, then soon nothing but chaos and disaster would reign. Therefore, they set up a fun little system called apartheid.

Most people think it was about “whites had one level of citizenship, blacks another” but actually there were four official races in South Africa: white, Indian, coloured, and then black. And both coloured and Indian had their own sub-categories, and everyone was required to register with the government, and carry around a stupid little piece of paper identifying who you were. And if you didn’t have permission from the government to be in an area of town, or riding on the train, or doing other things like swim in the ocean, you would pay a heavy penalty.

You might recognize a few people who were unfairly restricted based on some evil little government agent giving them an identity card. One was Mahatma Gandhi. Yep. Gandhi saw firsthand just how evil this South African apartheid system was, and that is why when his own country of India became independent in 1947, he formally abolished the caste system, India’s traditional “apartheid” system.

Another victim of apartheid was Stephen Biko, who was beaten to death in police interrogation room 619 on September 12, 1977. Here’s Peter Gabriel singing one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard:

And last, but not least, of course there was Nelson Mandela, a man who spent 27 years living in a box, and who made his own jailers cry when he forgave them for their evil acts.


And let’s not forget just how much the world benefited before immigration laws existed.

Hungarians? Guess what? Every single one of them is an immigrant from Asia. That’s why they still practice archery on horseback, build yurts, and write their family name first before their “first” name.

Oh what’s that? You wish the Hungarians didn’t exist? No problem. All Romanians are immigrants too. The Romans certainly didn’t have permission, or government authority, to enter “Felix”, the kingdom of the western Dacians under Decebalus. In fact, it took about four years to finally “immigrate” to the area, and it took an unbelievable amount of death and misery to accomplish it. So every Roman soldier who married and left behind a child that spoke Latin, the language which eventually became Romanian, was fathering an illegal immigrant.

In fact, Romania is chock full of immigrants, including the Saxons (from Germany), Lipovani (immigrants from Russia), Tatars (from Tatarstan, near Crimea), Greeks, Macedonians, Danube Bulgarians, and hell, even the freaking Ruthenians are all immigrants. And not one of those groups had a piece of paper, government authority, or “permission” to move to Romania.

The name of Romania is a tribute to illegal immigrants, and the entire population is composed of illegal immigrants. There’s not a single Dacian, or Swabian, or Goth left. Which is okay, because those groups were themselves all illegal immigrants as well. In fact, the very first homo sapien human who entered Europe crossed into Romania illegally about 45,000 years ago back when Neanderthals and other species of humans were the original inhabitants.

Yep, the whole damn country of Romania has been host to illegal immigrants for 2,250 generations of human beings, but yes, I am the bad one because I dared not get my paperwork in order according to some evil devils who now have a modicum of power because countries having immigration laws is the new trendy thing, even though they never existed for 45,000 years right up until about 1920.

Marco Polo? No passport, no visa
Christopher Columbus? No passport, no visa
Vasco de Gama? No passport, no visa
King Carol of Romania? No passport, no visa
Ahmad ibn Fadlan? No passport, no visa
Stanley Milgram, the famous Romanian psychologist? No passport, no visa
Victor Ponta’s grandparents? No passport, no visa
Klaus Iohannis’ Saxon ancestors? No passport, no visa

Yep, so if Victor Ponta’s family, or Iohannis Klaus’ family tried to immigrate to Romania today, they’d be shit out of luck if they ran into the wrong devils at the Immigration department. And of course they’d have to register with the government, and carry around little identification cards, and be sure to always have it on their person, or risk a fine or worse if they are found to be in violation of these arbitrary laws and rules.

Remember, kids, the law is always right!
Always obey the law, kids!

Why is a visitor allowed to be in Romania/RM 90 days and not 91? What exactly changes on day 91? And why is it okay to be in the country 90 days, be out 90, and then come back for another 90? Effectively, you can live in Romania/RM for six months a year and that’s fine, but if you live there seven months, that’s a fucking crime. Does this really make sense to anyone, anywhere? I guess so, but I spent a few sweaty hours in the back of a cop car last year with 3 guys who WORK for the immigration department, and they couldn’t explain it to me.

I’ll say it one last time: immigration laws are just as stupid, and just as arbitrary, and racist, and evil as apartheid, caste system, miscegenation, eugenics, and segregation laws. And anyone who ignores these laws is a hero in my book, and that most definitely includes people in the United States (where, let’s not forget, the native people who actually are from there were not given the rights of a citizen until 1924! Yeah, fun stuff).

I’m just sorry that I don’t speak Arabic and I’m not from Syria or Libya so I could bring a few hundred thousand of my brothers and sisters into Romania and completely smash the illegal and stupid immigration system once and for all.

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