Important Wedding Update

Hi there. An important update to my wedding announcement yesterday.

I fully understand that in the Romanian tradition, gifts are given after the wedding. If that’s what is more appropriate for you, that is perfectly fine. We will be married at 10:00am Romanian time (8am London, 2am New York) on September 22 and all the “campaigns” will remain active after that. If you want to wait until it is 100% official, that is perfectly cool and no problem whatsoever.

Americans and other cultures have different traditions, so if you want to give beforehand, that’s cool too. Again, if you DO NOT want to give, no problem either! Really. Some people asked us how they can give, and that’s why we set up the information in the last post. No stress here, people.

Also, I’m working on a way for people to send us actual gifts, as in the physical things people need to start a new life together (dishes, housewares, etc). Hang on a few days as I’ll share that information when it’s ready.

Thanks again for all the love!


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