Angel Rebelde


After a week in which Ponta threatened to resign from politics after this year’s presidential elections, a statement which nobody believed, a statement which Crin Antonescu mocked, a statement which Elena Udrea decoded, a statement which Ponta himself hinted had secret layers of meaning, he then went on Antena 3 last night and said that the whole thing was a warning that if the people don’t support him in November, he’ll fall on his sword… or something like that.

Amazing how I used to watch soap operas in America only to move to Romania and find out that national politics in this country are following the same script!

3 thoughts on “Angel Rebelde

  1. It’s just a remake of Ceausescu’s own performance in the morning of Dec 22nd 1989: “Get yourself a new Secretary General! – No, comrade Ceausescu, please don’t, what will happen to us without your leadership, etc., etc (‘copter buzzing…)


  2. He’s probably hoping to hear : ” Please , Dear Leader , don’t leave Us ! ” ….I would personally stress Him to go away and in fact spend more time with His family !


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