Gypsies 2 Europe 0

blonde hair, gypsy hands
blonde hair, gypsy hands

Last week the police in Greece snatched this girl away from her gypsy family solely because she was blonde and had blue eyes.

Later they were forced to release this girl back to her parents when DNA tests proved she was their child.

Oh snap, the police in Ireland did the exact same thing.

Guess what?

Now we know gypsies can morph into blonde haired blue eyed white people.


9 thoughts on “Gypsies 2 Europe 0

  1. Some of the commentators seem to be experts at missing the point entirely… So let me clarify: The little blonde girl happens to have parents who are just as dark as her ‘adoptive’ Roma parents in Greece. Here’s a shocker, I have dark hair and eyes whilst my father has fair hair and green eyes- and I doubt the police would ever question his paternity on the grounds of hair/eye colour.


  2. God this is disgusting.

    Where the hell is the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ principle in all this?

    I’m curious about what will happen now since the girl was clearly adopted with the consent of the birth parents, albeit without official papers (which surprise surprise – cost an arm and a leg apparently). So either the police put everyone in jail and the kids (the birth mother has 9!) in a home or maybe the do the decent thing for a change and help these people enter legality. Care to take a bet which one it will be ?


  3. Um, I think there’s an error here. ‘Maria’, the little girm found in a Rroma family in Greece was NOT the natural child of the couple whose care she was in. DNA proved beyond doubt that she was NOT theirs. they said that they had adopted her soon after her birth and admitted that it had been an illegal adoption. Authorities ow believe that ‘Maria’ was from Bulgaria:

    In Ireland, however, the child taken into care was indeed found to belong to the Rroma couple insisting to be her parents. What happened in Greece has led to a certain amount of racial profiling which is a dangerous road… Children need protection, and child trafficking is rampant and yet, children taken from their parents because a) they are Rroma and b) the child is not considered to be their natural offspring due to racial profiling is appalling. What to do? It’s a foul situation… Perhaps ‘better safe than sorry’ is the adage here, but taking children away from their parents who really ARE their parents is traumatic, heinous and stinks of Nigel Farage all the way.

    Personally, I find myself at an impasse and do not know what to say…


  4. Hmmm, I believe you got this one wrong. This child is NOT related to the gypsies arrested in Greece, but of gypsies in Bulgaria who admit giving their child to them..


  5. The Irish Travellers are almost all blonde and everybody and their cousins knows it in Ireland…even i know it and I am not even blonde! :)


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