The Colony Giveaway!


After a ton of hard work, my new book The Colony is now on sale. Yes!

Not only did I have a ton of fun writing this book, the “beta” readers who got advanced copies of this book love it too. It’s been really great hearing the enthusiasm from people who have enjoyed reading this book.

Unfortunately there are tens of thousands of books out there on the market so what my book needs is for people to hear about it. And the way that happens on Amazon (where THE COLONY will be exclusively sold for the next 90 days) is by reviews.

Therefore I am hereby announcing that I am giving away 10 copies of this book free! Yes, that’s right. I’m willing to send 5 paperbacks and 5 Kindle versions of this book to ten lucky readers in exchange for a review.

How it works:

1) You need to be an Amazon customer, because after you read my book I need you to write a review. I’m interested in your honest, unbiased opinion!

2) Send me an email by clicking here or writing to me at with the subject “The Colony giveaway”.

3) Tell me in your email whether you’d rather have the paperback version or Kindle version.

4) If I choose you, I’ll send you an Amazon giftcard already filled out to buy my book with one click.

5) Read the book and then be sure to rate it and write a review on Amazon.

It’s really that simple!

Here’s the blurb from the back cover:

After so much speculation and wondering, it finally happened, the financial markets spiraling out of control until the circuit breaker algorithms stepped in, governments collapsing in paroxysms of martial law and riots, the entire banking system failing, the Apocalypse unleashing its Biblical calamities over the entire planet.

Eventually the survivors learned to band together in arks, working hard to provide a new prosperity and stability for themselves and their families, providing a new but uneasy peace between neighbors.

THE COLONY, presenting Stormie Roberts, a young woman who is deadly accurate with the bow. She grew up in the post-Apocalyptic world and now her fellow Initiates are about to take their rites into adulthood.

But what Stormie doesn’t know is that the Elder, the legendary founder of the Colony, has a special task in mind for her.

If you’re interested in reading the first few pages (and/or buying the book to support me!) click on one of the links below:


Amazon USA
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany


Kindle USA
Kindle UK
Kindle Canada
Kindle India

I’ve been “living” in the world of the Colony for the past few months and it’s been a really great ride. I’ve laughed, I’ve smiled and I’ve enjoyed the adventures these people had. If you like reading English fiction books, I think you’ll really love this book as well.

This is a fast-paved adventure novel about two groups of people who live in the near future, having survived the Apocalypse and what they must do in order to survive and carry on.

I really don’t know what else to say except that I worked very hard on this book precisely because I wanted it to be a fast, “easy”, fun read that also had some solid depth to it. It’s a bit long for some readers (about 460 pages) but it’s packed full of action and the story moves along very nicely.

I’ve always dreamed of writing a cracking good novel and now I have and it’s a really good feeling. I really look forward to seeing how the rest of the world responds!

NOTE: if you’re interested in any of my books, click on “My Books” at the top of any page or else click here.

2 thoughts on “The Colony Giveaway!

  1. Sam, I’ve ordered the paperback from Amazon — it may be a couple of weeks before I’ve
    finished reading it because I’m currently in the middle of reading “The 747ers” which is
    impossible to lay aside. By the way, there’s an error on the Amazon USA page: it says
    publication-date for The Colony is 2003 — should say 2013.


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