A million Changs to you all

senorchangA million thanks to all of you for an awesome first day of my Kickstarter Project.

It’s been great seeing all the excitement (hey, I’m excited too) and the RT’s on Twitter and the shares on Facebook and messages and emails and all the rest. Amazing!

The weather also turned golden here today and it just feels so good to be involved in something I truly feel so positive about. I was just sitting here thinking last night (with my heart in my mouth, wondering how this big announcement would go down) and I realize there’s so much awesome and engaging footage and such an awesome story to tell and how all of you will get to finally see it, assuming the funding comes in. And I’ll get a chance to do this right, which is pretty darn cool in my book.

Just want to let you know that if you financially support this project, in the future I’ll be posting some videos on YouTube that only backers will get to see. YouTube videos aren’t the best quality but you’ll get a taste of what’s coming in the super high quality DVD and I think you’ll really like it. I mean heck, if you read this blog (or my book) and you like the way I tell stories then I just know you’ll love how I can do the same thing in a visual format.

I mean forget the subject matter for a moment. For 11 bucks you’ll get to see some awesome “television”. How can you beat that?

Thanks to all of you and thanks for continuing to tweet and Facebook and email and the pledges. Tomorrow we’ll get back to the “regular” stuff around here but of course you can stay tuned to information about the movie project over at Homeless In Romania dot com.

A million Changs from me to you!

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