11 thoughts on “You Know You’re Romanian When…

  1. So besides his many other gifts the Great Anonymous One is now an expert in childcare. How many kids have you got ‘Sam’? Is there end to this man’s talents?


  2. You know you’re Romanian when your husband always leaves the toilet seat up. Even when he takes a big dump after morning coffee. Which, come to think of it, actually involves sitting down. He’s probably doing it to spite you because you won’t lose those 50 pounds you gained right after marriage. You should threaten to move back with your mother.

    Seems legit.


    1. Of course, you know you’re a Romanian woman when that happens. I wouldn’t want any foreigner to think, God forbid, that all Romanians have husbands, including the men. We don’t like them Homer sexuals in these parts.


  3. Sam…really? It’s disappointing, seriously…. :( You are supposed to be a messenger of Romanian culture, traditions, whatever… instead, lately, it seems like all you want is to trash us… why?


    1. Actually I think this post was intended as a compliment.
      I don’t think it’s true though; people from Nothern Europe, for instance, tend to be much “braver” when it comes to weather.

      Anyway, the thing that is most disconcerting is that Sam never replies anything to anyone. What is the point of launching a discussion topic if do not want to… well, discuss it?


      1. Well, I don’t think non-Romanian people who read his blog or whatever he will publish next will compliment us for it, but more likely call us crazy…
        Let’s just say you are right though, and it was a well-intended post, it’s really not representative to us… If you really want to make a funny/ informative series like this, write things that are, indeed, true and generic (they don’t have to be 100% true, but at least close).
        But I agree…it’s useless to even comment if he never replies…


  4. he is clearly trying to impress someone or he is just trying to fill in some blanks. “every day of the year” means cold days as well, right? but wait – Romanian people don’t believe that cold air kills germs, on the contrary – cold air makes you sick – you said it yourself so many times. therefore ….


  5. Sam, is there any way that you can modify the “Rate This” field? Right now I would really like to have an option for “Very Very Poor”, or maybe something like “Extremely Lame” or so…

    Honestly, what’s wrong with you lately? You seem to have lost your imagination, seems like you stumbled upon a writer’s block. It feels like somebody else is posting in your name… :(

    Vai ce rau!


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