10 thoughts on “You Know You’re Romanian When…

  1. Haven’t seen Sam commenting on any reply he had on this/his Blog, but I have a question for him: Are you experiencing something like “stage fright” or lack of inspiration? ‘cose you have over exaggerated on the articles “You know you’re a Romanian” type .


  2. Sorry, we haven’t been organized as clans or tribes in, oh, a couple thousand years. I think you’re talking about some other minority ethnic group with which we share this country.


    1. It’s a figure of speech, don’t take it so literally. Clan loyalty it’s an expression which means that you are loyal to a certain group of people (family, friends).


      1. Of course I didn’t take it literally. I was being sarcastic, because I find this post to be quite uninspired and awkward.

        Being loyal to your family is by no stretch of the imagination something that makes you Romanian. You don’t know “you’re Romanian” just because you understand family loyalty better than some economic system or another. I think that just makes you human.

        …aaaand sorry, while I kinda like Sam (or at least I used to), this whole section on “You know you’re Romanian when…” has been little more than an exaggerated list of traits that actually apply to many other nations, not only to Romanians. Expect maybe for the flower thing, though I wouldn’t count on it.

        Obviously, Sam’s sanctimoniousness has always extended to claiming that he knows what it is to be Romanian better than any Romanian could possibly do, so I guess I should be used to this by now.


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