7 thoughts on “You Know You’re Romanian When…

  1. I wondered that as well. And now I know. So here’s another question about flowers (no not the odd number for a bouquet, I know that one).

    It seems gladiolas are very popular in Romania. Is there a reason?


    1. I think they are easy to grow locally. Besides, they look good , have a large variety of color and have a relatively long life time after cutting. And last but not least they have an affordable price.


  2. Please, do teach us how to walk for 30 minutes from the flowershop to the recipient’s house with a bunch of tulips without bending their stems. Maybe people in first world countries always use a car and a few minutes from the flowershop to the car or from the car to the house are not important, but for people who use public transportation or walking is important to give beautiful un-torn flowers.


      1. Lool; that’s funny! We were taught so by our mothers:); when we carry the flowers up-side down we try to protect them (and others). For example – if you are in a bus you’ll not stick them in other people’s eyes; or when you walk you don’t have to hold them as you hold a baby or a flag because you either can make a wrong step or look ridiculously. We also think that we can extend their life time; roses and other flowers’ corolla is heavy and tend to lean over when they are carried or kept a longer time without water. But, you know, we do keep them home in a vase in the normal way.


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