2 thoughts on “Cat on a Hot Aluminum Radiator

  1. Ok, the one question I have on my mind: Is the cat billingual? Does Noodle Meow in Romanian, English or both? This year a Romanian friend moved to the USA and her cat spoke only Romanian. That is her Meows were Romanian. The evidence I provide for this language barrier is her boy friend cannot communcate with the cat. He only speak English with a smidgen of Romanian. Certainly not enough Romanian to the cat’s liking. I’ve noticed a little conflict between the two through FB postings.

    I think this brings up another demension giving Mitza a sligth advantage assuming she gets to go outdoors. Her prey and competing felines will be monentarily confused not really understanding Romanian Meows to their own. Robin 1 to Robin 2, “Is that a cat?” Robin 2, “It looks like a cat.” Robin 1, “But it doesn’t sound like any cat I know.” Robin 2, “Yeah, what are those strange foriegn noises it’s making?” Rovin 1, “Doesn’t sound like she’s stalking.) In the moment of confusion Mitza could pounce (assuming her instincts are feline born). The prey would not know what hit them. As far as competing cats they would have to form an alliance, learn Romanian Meows the hard way, and learn to live in the world of a Romanian cat. This brings up another thought…Maybe all cats are Romanian. Think about it.


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