WOTD: Bătut în cuie

When I write about “Words of the Day” I like to find either rare expressions or ones that you might not casually find in the dictionary. Whether it’s common everywhere or not, it seems like lately I’ve been hearing this one quite a lot.

Today’s phrase bătut în cuie (batoot in kwee-yeah) literally means “beaten in (with) nails” but is very similar to both the English expression “nailed down” as well as “hammered out”.

Essentially it means that something cannot be changed, therefore it is certain, set, fixed, guaranteed, assured. It’s similar sometimes to the phrase “slam dunk” or “surefire”.

I mention this phrase today also because I am currently quite excited about some upcoming projects that I’ve been working on with other people that I hope to unveil shortly to all of you.

Quite honestly, before two years ago I never tried to do any business with Romanians and it’s been a frustrating series of disappointments so I’ve now learned not to announce anything until it is bătut în cuie so you’ll just have to wait until it is! :)

Note: if the issue at hand being “bătut” is grammatically female then it becomes “bătuta în cuie”, but you probably figured that out.

And while there are several good words for hammers in Romanian, a modern pneumatic nail gun is a maşina de/pentru bătut cuie, literally “machine to beat nails” LOL

And now you know!

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