A Land Where Unicycles Bloom

It’s very rare that people pay me for my predictions (even today few people are willing to have their ears licked by snakes) but if someone were to ask me how to find a peaceful place on earth amongst the teeming masses of humanity, I’d give them a simple metric.

Find a place where people ride unicycles.

The other day here in Unicorn City, where I bide my time, I saw them. Two young men on unicycles, not part of any parade or exhibition but just having fun on their special chariots, looking not much different than the photo above.

Much like the lovely edeilweiss flower, it takes a special place for unicycles to exist. They cannot exist in strife-torn areas, where war, civil unrest or discontent are prevalent. They cannot bloom in the countryside or places with unpaved or stony roads. Nor can they exist where the people are too poor, where there is not enough money to indulge in such a strange contraption.

Unicycles also require that someone has the time and ability to master what is, essentially, a conveyance with no practical purpose. A bicycle may easily be drafted into performing work but a unicycle? That exists only for the pleasure of the rider.

Only in a land of peace can you smile at the simple joy of watching a person casually pedal past you on a unicycle. If you find such an elusive place, mark it well for you have been blessed in the witnessing of it.

I have desired to go,
oh, I have asked to go
where a few lilies bloom,
to fields where flies
no sharp and sided hail
and springs not fail.

And springs not fail.

And no storms come.

2 thoughts on “A Land Where Unicycles Bloom

  1. I’ve yet to see unicycles in Bucharest, but I’m sensing the time is near. There was a huge bicycle march yesterday, with hundreds of people demanding a cleaner city, real bike lanes and less cars. Times really are a-changin’.


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