2 thoughts on “Romanian traffic jam

  1. Romanians are opposing change.

    A Romanian friend recently told me about a new highway that was built, and which is still crossed randomly by shepherds and their herds – which leads to accidents, deaths, damage, bad press, etc.

    The real issue is that my friend, as well as most other Romanians, agree with the shepherds’ claim that since they walked their sheep over those fields [where the highway now is] for centuries, they have to be allowed to keep doing that. And Romanian authorities, like usual, are weak about imposing end enforcing the law.

    Preserving traditions is important, but it is trumped by GGGN (Greatest Good for the Greatest Number).


    1. I want to meet those “most other Romanians” who agree with the shepherds’ claim – really! I am Romanian and pretty much everyone I know is in favor of more and better roads being built all over the country. Romanians claim to love both tradition and new cool “civilised” stuff, but most of them have very little understanding of sustainable development and how to actually allow different lifestyles to exist. Personally, I feel sorry for everyone living in villages crossed by busy roads, they have it even worse than the shepherds. They have their way of life disturbed (noise and pollution at their front door all the time, the occasional accident, not being able to use the main road in the village like they used it for generations) while car-owning city dwellers even complain about the village speed limits, which they don’t even respect most of the time. According to car owners, we should probably get rid of all the villages and peasants, they literally stand in our way.

      I understand why we need roads, but it saddens me how one category of people walks all over the needs of others to satisfy their own. At least show some basic courtesy and respect the damn speed limits so you don’t run over that old lady’s cat or grandson.


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