The Revolution begins today

Just as I promised, today I went down to the bank and assembled 4.650 lei (46,5 million old lei), roughly equivalent to 1000 Euros. I photographed it on a Romanian flag to symbolize that my commitment for this money is to make this country a better place to live for everyone.

I’ve spent the past 24 hours talking to people and there’s definitely more people to speak to. I’ve also met with a couple of businesses here to get prices on things. The plan for this money is to spend every ban on this project, which I will account for in detail right here on this website.

So what’s the plan here? Well right now I just have a broad plan which will become more detailed as I find out specifics. But the overall goal remains the same – to inspire, to teach and to empower the Romanian people to achieve the country that they want to have. No more waiting for courts and political parties and EU commissions and the media all the rest to take action. Time to find real, concrete, successful ways for every single Romanian to be able to take the power back for themselves!

If you want to help and you live in Cluj, feel free to contact me (click “Contact” at the top of the page) by email. If you don’t live in Cluj and want to help via the internet, just have patience. There will be roles to play for every single person, including non-Romanian citizens, journalists and those who live in other countries. Right now though I need to get a small team of people together here in Unicorn City.

This is not a revolution about changing politicians or rulers. This is a revolution about a mentality, going from a helpless victim to seizing the power for one’s self.

Romania may not be very democratic right now but on paper, by the laws, it still is democratic. So it’s time to take advantage of this and do something while we still can. This country belongs to the people, not the Communists, the barons, the mafia or the thieves. No more waiting to be rescued. Time to take matters into our own hands.

So no more vorbe goale (empty words)! There’s the real money, ready to effect real change. Are you with me?


10 thoughts on “The Revolution begins today

  1. One thing that people that matter have always said about me is: he puts his money where his mouth is (and that means more than simply money). Well now it can be said of you, I for one admire that. Of course the money, though real, is merely a symbol and a statement of something larger, sacrifice, commitment, and contribution.

    I and some friends in RO, and some friends in the US, are working on things that may coincide with your vision, or at least have some of the same goals in mind.

    I for one am very glad you have not spelled out a plan in detail or set in stone. The direction is what is important. You have defined that. And what is to be done, is best left to what ideas comes from those that will work with you. Those ideas are already there, in the hearts minds and vision of those in that (don’t laugh or throw stones at me) perfect country.

    Outstanding Sam!


  2. While I applaud the enthusiasm, I can’t help but notice that both postings lack any concrete ideas on what you’re planning to do with the money. The comments are even more hilarous — “Let’s do this s**t”. :-) Do what s**t?

    I also think that the choice of the word (“revolution”) is not great. Revolutions don’t last long, they come and they go. And their track record in terms of achieving actual “change” is not great.

    How about using the word “campaign”? Or “mission”? Or “change”?

    Good luck with your revolution. Keep posting — once you’re able to articulate a well-defined task, you might be more successful at rallying the troops.


  3. hell yeah im with you!!! sounds very interesting…this is the kind of post ive been longing to hear!!!! wow…im impressed!!!!! lets do this shit!!!


  4. No, the country belongs to the foreign corporations that bought it all. The people are just ‘tolerated’.


  5. “Freedom is indivisible, and when one man is enslaved, all are not free.” – John F. Kennedy, Berlin, 26 June 1963


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