And the winner is…

If ancient Dacians battled (Japanese) samurais, who would win?

UPDATE: Sorry, I forget that not everyone enjoys my unique sense of humor. For the record, this is, as “Nea Pandele” said, a photoshopped or modified picture of Diaconescu from OTV. I however did not do the modification but found it online somewhere.

I posted it because it’s sort of funny on a meta level, that a Romanian would “photoshop” it this way in the first place (the Dacians vs. Samurais is hilarious) and also because, quite frankly, even in reality there’s a lot of silly talk on OTV, with discussions about UFOs and ghosts and other supernatural things. I do appreciate PP-DD trying to be like the “third way” in politics but OTV does, unfortunately (or sometimes it’s needed comic relief) tend to stray off the deep end, especially as the entire channel is just pretty much a blogger with a webcam, if you think about it.

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  1. Razvan S. says:

    I in no way will support PP-DD but this “brand of stoooooopid” dear “anonymous” person has a party and a television and he could probably retire if he wanted to and live a long healthy rich life. Also he has a lot of support even though the majority are low educated people,these people feel the need to vent and feel the need of real change. He has a lot of smart people around him as well reason he got this far.

    Also he’s probably the only politician who worked his ass of doing something from scratch and was asked on becoming a leader. He needs to work on his image a bit if he wants to represent more of the Romanian people.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Dan Diaconescu, we meet again… Seriously, though, DD needs to go die in a ditch somewhere, he’s polluting the country with his special brand of stoooopid.


  3. Nea Pandele says:

    Rahat pe băț, mătrășeală de Photoshop de 2 bani. Nu că aș fi fan DDD, da’ uitați-vă pe monitorul din dreapta sus… nu are același text. Nota 2, vii în toamnă la oral.


    1. Alexandru says:

      Nea Pandele esti dus cu pluta bre…. uita-te bine ca televizoarele alea nici nu au aceeasi imagine pentru ca nu sunt LIVE.


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