Uh…. you’re welcome?

It has come to my attention that not one but TWO different professors (each teaching a different subject) here in Cluj-Napoca have been using either me, the writings on this website or some other material I’ve produced as teaching materials in their class. I have also heard an indirect report that a third professor in Bucharest is doing the same.

Furthermore, I happened to discover that someone used a clip of the footage I shot at the pro-Basescu rally just a week ago to make their own (amateur) clip on YouTube. Clearly this person had to have downloaded my film, sliced out the particular section (involving the man with the red umbrella, if you remember) and then added it to his (her?) own little clip.

Folks, is it really so much to just ask me for permission? I’m really not a mult-national corporation with a team of lawyers. If you ask me to use a clip from a video I shot, I’m guessing that 99% of the time I’m going to say yes. But it’s common courtesy to just ask and then use ATTRIBUTION. In other words, mention where you got it from. Did you think the Eye wouldn’t find out? Come on now. Throw be a bone here.

As for the professors, sheesh would it kill you to drop me a line, send me a little message, “hey we’re studying you for my course”? Don’t you think I’d be interested in seeing what you had to say? Or what you might find interesting about me or whatever it is I’ve done? I have to hear these stories secondhand from students with poor memories so it’s a little frustrating for me to know 1) what I did was worthy enough to use as a teaching moment but 2) nobody bothered to pick up the phone (or write an email, etc) and tell ME, the author of all this shit.

My videos don’t get millions of views but I do try to edit them as professionally as possible. My blog hasn’t had 1 million views total since I created it but I do try to write and produce high quality content for all of you, the readers. I’m clearly out here doing my thing as a one-person operation and yet people are ripping me off and throwing my material out there to the public without even so much as a “hey by the way”. Christ.

In case you’re a Romanian who is reading this now or in the future and thinking of using my stuff for your own purposes and you’re too retarded to have some common sense, here’s what you need to do.

1 – If you’re linking to something I wrote on the internet, you don’t need to do anything. Something called a “trackback” lets me (and others) know about it.

2 – If you want to cut and paste my shit, tell people where you got it from. “Hey this is from Sam at website blah blah”.

3 – If you want to download and steal my footage that I stood in the hot sun for two hours to film, write me a note and ask my permission. I’ll probably say yes.

4 – If you’re too retarded to ask my permission, put some text on your video “SOURCE: SAM CEL ROMAN” or something.

5 – If you copy 85 pages in a row word for word of my material for your doctoral disseration, be sure to use a footnote and identify your source. Oops, ignore that. That one was directed at someone else :P

6 – If you want to use me or my stuff, whatever it is, in some kind of classroom setting or anything else, hey how about a LITTLE NOTE? It won’t kill you. You can write it in Romanian. Just tell me about it. Maybe it’d be NICE for me to know something I am doing makes a difference to people, eh? DO YOU THINK IT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE, PROFESSOR?

7 – If you want to translate something I wrote for your own blog/website, etc, go ahead. But please let me know, ok? Takes 5 seconds!!

Sheesh. I’m starting to get just a tiny bit of insight into why Ponta not only plagiarized like hell but also continues to sit there on my television week after week with a grin on his face. For some Romanians intellectual thievery ain’t even a crime at all.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Sam,

    By reading your blog, which I found by the way while searching for english written news about our country’s political crisis, I can see that you are a very special Romanian citizen.

    You obviously got to understand Romanian society better than most listeners of manele will be ever capable of.

    It is a real joy seeing your thoughts here, because they contain a dose of common sense we would all need to have these days.

    Off topic of course, but I just wanted to express my support for your work, and I felt that this article is the most suited for this.

    It is a stupid habit that can only be cured by respecting the rule of law, which unfortunately I think will be something out of this world after the 29th.




  2. John Zsilavetz says:

    I’m actually a bit disappointed in you. Two paragraphs to describe what happened, then I was set up. I expected next a few paragraphs saying how surprised, flattered, and even honored you were.

    Then a paragraph or two, kindly explaining the rules of courtesy and mutual respect of authorship and attribution.

    Instead you wrote 6 paragraphs and 7 points whih were an accelerating and intensifying rant filled with more and more rabid insults and profanity. If you wanted to have the reader actually hear what you were saying, you made it impossible. To the reader (at least me, and I only tell people to read your website and buy your book, I don’t cut and paste or whatever your rage is regarding), it was like watching and out of control parent beating and screaming at a child in public and all the while screaming louder and louder. It felt like it would never end, and was embarrassing for all involved. Do you think that child being beaten and screamed at could hear or understand the words that were being said?

    I am not going to say calm down Sam. Your righteous anger is motivating you to observe and write some important things lately. And frankly, from what I know of Romanian citizens they privately want the best for their country as you do, and will do something about it, once they can see the use in being as stupidly optimistic that one can change the unchangeable, as us Americans used to be, and you still are thank God. I won’t say calm down, but please breathe deep first and find a way to communicate more effectively when you want your readers to change their habits. These people were paying you a high compliment.

    One of your biggest fans,

    John Z


  3. dan says:

    hi sam
    romani in general cred ca tot ce e pe net e freeeee,
    nu se gindesc la efortu pe care cineva la facut pentru a scrie sau filma ceva.
    Iti multumesc pentru munca care o depui,pentru mine persona un mare respect si multe Multumiri


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