Wow! It’s been a heck of a fortnight here on the blog. I want to say thanks to all of you who linked to either this website or any of the articles. I also want to say hello and thanks to all of you who are new (or relatively new) around here. Traffic and comments have been pouring in and I thanks all of you for that – I sure had no idea it was coming.

Secondly, we’ve have had over 100 people “like” this blog’s Facebook page in just the last week or so as well. That’s really awesome and I thank all of you for your support.

The biggest surprise however has been that my last little political “comic” (which I posted on the blog yesterday) got a record-breaking (for me) number of shares on Facebook. That was unbelievably cool and I really was happily surprised to see that. Even though those pictures are designed to be read and understood relatively “instantly”, they do take a long while to create. I use a program to make them called (the) Gimp, by the way, in case you were curious.

For the record, I actually pulled the original photo off Ponta’s official website (office of the PM, not his blog). It’s a photo taken just Wednesday so it’s as fresh and as current as the “joke” (it’s one of those sad but you have to laugh or you’ll kill yourself kind of jokes) itself.

Ponta’s got about 5000 huge full resolution photos of himself shaking hands with every politician, trade rep and foreign dignitary he’s managed to trap into staying still for five seconds for a photo op. So… I feel there’s a little cosmic justice in me using his own official photo to mock that stupid moron.

Thanks again to all of you, old or new, for all your support!

PS – You can see my “personal” Facebook account in the screenshot above. You’re certainly welcome to add me as a friend if you like. If you have a Romanian name, I will accept your request automatically. If you’ve got a different kind of name, just send me a message so I know you’re not some spammer. So far we’re lucky in that spammers don’t use Romanian names :D

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  1. Andreea says:

    Thank you! Ever since my TV broke I come here to find out the latest news about the drama :D


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