A brief letter to Romanians who dislike criticism from “outsiders”

They’re all the same color for a reason
I’ve noticed a trend recently where Romanians have been upset and offended that “outsiders”, including German chancellor Merkel, various EU chiefs and EU members of parliament have been criticizing Romania. A lot of Romanians also don’t like it when the “foreign” press publish sharply critical articles either.

Uh… do you remember January 1, 2008? Because I sure fucking do. It’s when Romania became a full member of the European Union. Do you not remember this? Do you not understand what being a member MEANS? Because it’s not just billions of euros worth of free money (pave the streets! Renovate the park!). It doesn’t just mean unrestricted travel (no passport to go to London!) and it doesn’t mean more goods in the supermarket (yay my favorite French cheese!).

Guess what, dumb ass? It means you are in a legally binding union with the rest of the EU. It means that their laws have power over you. It means that you agreed to play by their rules. And it damn sure means that they have the right to make comments about how you are running your government.

If that’s too difficult for you to understand, pretend like the EU is a “country”. Well Romania is just one “judet” and Bruxelles is the capital of this “country”. Do you understand now? Romania isn’t on the moon, completely isolated and independent anymore. Nor is this the bad old Warsaw Pact communist days. This is a voluntary union. Maybe you forgot that word even though it’s in the title – European Union. Union means together. You signed up for this and you’re now united with the rest of Europe.

They have the RIGHT to talk about you and decide things about you. And guess what else? You get to vote at their summit meetings and you get to send deputies to the EU parliament and vote there too. It’s a two-way street. You get to “stick your nose” in their business and make sure they’re following the rules too. They’re not “outsiders”. You are all in this together.

Quit being so goddamn arrogant as to think only Romanians have a right to involve themselves in Romania’s business!

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  1. Gabriel R. says:

    Sam, ai dreptate.
    Ps: Ar trebui să publici în limba română.


  2. ionut campean says:

    It was 01 01 2007,and we are many that we do not agree with them,and understand what UE means.good point anywhere.


  3. Mara says:

    România a intrat în UE la 1 ianurarie 2007, nu 2008.


  4. sairj says:

    Amen to that, Sam. Couldn’t agree more.



  5. scarba says:

    Tu deja ma enervezi foarte mult. Acum cateva zile ai postat mizeria aia sinistra insinuand ca liderii Europei mai degraba ne-ar BOMBARDA decat sa ne vada iesiti de sub Basescu. Acum faci niste afirmatii complet retardate conform carora Romania este colonia sau statul vasal al tuturor statelor europene. Daca iti place de Basescu CHIAR ATAT DE MULT, treci pe la sediu lui de campanie si fa-i o tabla mica, sigur e constitutional.


    1. Ana says:

      Traim intr-o tara democratica, in care fiecare are dreptul la o parere si are voie sa se exprime liber. Mi se pare aiurea ca tu decizi sa te enervezi pe cei care au o alta parere decat a ta. Am observat chestia asta la multe persoane in ultima vreme, mai ales in ceea ce priveste politica. Singura explicatie este ca in Romania oamenii nu stiu ce anume inseamna democratia si libertatea cuvantului.


  6. Sitara says:

    I’m not an expert in this area but I don’t think that the comparison with the counties could be very accurate, at least not in Romania’s case. It would be better to employ it when and if some political construction along the lines of United States of Europe would be brought into being. So far, it didn’t happen, as far as I know. We are still a country not a county.


  7. Florin says:

    Sam, you’re right; do’t let some comments discourage you. Democracy is relatively young around here, many people do not have a democratic culture. Do not stop, no matter what.


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