Coup leaders on the brink of total self-destruction

As I wrote about yesterday, the USL is having moderate to severe problems governing this country, chiefly due to their own stupidity. The events of the last 24 hours have now put them on the brink of self-destruction and even though they won’t heed my words, they have only themselves to blame.

Yesterday evening, interim President Crin Antonescu held a press conference, his first at Cotroceni Palace. After some rambling remarks, vainly trying to deny that he and his allies are perpetrators of a coup d’etat, he then answered a handful of questions from the press. The very first question concerned the Constitutional Court’s ruling about the upcoming referendum on July 29 on whether or not to dismiss Traian Basescu from office.

The court had ruled earlier that presidential suspension referendums required that over 50% of the electorate (i.e. people eligible to vote in Romania) must vote for removing the president for it to be valid. Literally every ordinary person and their brother who read the court’s press release, written in simple and plain words, was instantly was able to comprehend that the July 29th referendum also must be held by those rules (50% + 1 of electorate).

However the USL is locked deep within their caverns of total denial. Antonescu was asked whether the parliament was going to modify the referendum to comply with the court’s ruling. During the first week of July, the USL parliament had used yet another “emergency decree” to modify referendums (only on suspending the president) so that only 50% + 1 of voters who show up are required to remove the president. The court said it needs to be 50% + 1 of eligible voters so obviously the USL needs to run the July 29 referendum that way, right?

Wrong! Antonescu went on to twist logic like a pretzel, stating that the court had ruled on an older law (with IDENTICAL wording) and not on the emergency decree. Therefore yes, the older law wasn’t constitutional but that doesn’t mean that the emergency decree isn’t. Make sense? In other words, the court ruled on one specific law but hasn’t yet ruled on the specific emergency decree. So even if the two are identical, they’re not. And so the insanity continues.

The USL knows damn well that if 50% + 1 of the electorate is required, Basescu will be returning to office in 3 weeks. Between the heat, the fact that people are on vacation (including up to 500,000 people having their holiday abroad) and other factors, including plain old indifference, it’s highly doubtful that 50% of the electorate will even show up, much less vote against Basescu. It would have to be a statistical miracle to even get 9 million people to the polls (half of eligible voters) and a call-the-Pope miracle for 9 million people to vote against Basescu.

Long story short, the USL has two choices. One is try more legal trickery and bullshit to hang onto power. The other choice is cry in their beer when Basescu wins (whether by default or not) the referendum on July 29 and comes storming back to power. This is what the British call an “own goal”, when your own sheer stupidity allows your opponents to defeat you.

Furthermore, as I speak, Ponta is on his way to meet the EU chiefs to “explain” away all the “lies” about the USL’s coup d’etat. Even if Ponta were 100% correct, he’s still going about it all wrong because the last thing you want to do is call Merkel, Barroso, Van Rompuy and other distinguished people fools to their own faces (fools for believing “the lies”).

Meanwhile, as I write this, a fresh scandal has broken out. Looks like the USL hasn’t been reading my posts because Kovesi and Morar (head of the DNA) just published a transcript of two judges who were looking to get jobs at the at the court which handles corruption cases. Now these two USL-allied judges being investigated by the self-same DNA for “influence trafficking”. Why? Because it looks like (via a secret recording) that they were calling Ponta so that he could get them the jobs! Aioleu!

Antonescu and Ponta have both promised to resign if Basescu is returned to office on July 29 so the good news is that it looks like we will be returning back to normal here shortly.

The bad news, of course, is that normal wasn’t that great to begin with.

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  1. Sitara says:

    The worst part about this is that our “normal” is abnormal.


  2. Matt says:

    Man, the best thing about all this is that it sounds very optimistic. I will take ‘normal’ any day over this madness, but I have a feeling these hyenas are planning to hang on to the carcass by the skin of their teeth if need be.


  3. Mihai C. says:

    Actually the Constitutional Court ruled that 50% +1 must go and vote in order for the referendum to be valid. The president could be removed with the vote of half plus one of the people who vote IF the referendum is validated.
    You are confusing validating the referendum with validating the removal of the president; there are two different things.


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