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  1. MeatPuppet says:

    They pretty much ruined any chance of getting the majority to vote against Basescu, what with all their blunders up until now. But yeah, they would cheat their way out of anything. Let’s just hope the voting goes smoothly, it’d be a catastrophe if they decide to rig the vote, the bastards.


  2. Mircea says:

    Sorry but do you really believe that they got this far pissing on the law to stop now and acknowledge the constitutional-court ruling?


  3. MeatPuppet says:

    Look on the bright side, Sam. With this new rule of “9 million people or nada”, the chances of Basescu getting overthrown are close to zero. It’s a snowball’s chance in hell, and the USL are gonna crash in burn, just you wait and see!
    It’s likely that good ol’ Antonescu won’t resign (we’ve already been through that with Ponta) and he’ll spend the rest of his political days in shame. Who knows? Maybe things will actually turn out for the better.


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