2 Weeks Since the Blog Redesign

Well hello there! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I completely re-designed the layout on July 1, 2012. I was curious how it would “go over” (be received) and I knew some people would strongly dislike it and some perhaps would like it and some be neutral and not care too much either way.

Wow! Well I don’t know if my writing has gotten three times better in the last two weeks or if the political shitstorm has something to do with it or perhaps all of the above and other (unknown) reasons but traffic is WAY up and so I rather imagine there’s a lot of new faces around here. Therefore time for a little “walk through”.

If you have your own WordPress blog, you can “follow” this blog by clicking on the little “+ Follow” icon at the top of your browser (you have to be logged into WP). If you aren’t a WP user then you won’t see this.

If you want to “subscribe” to this website and receive all the articles by email, look in the right-hand sidebar near the bottom and you’ll see a form to fill out. This is all done automatically by the way and I have no control over it, I can’t see your email addresses and I sure as hell won’t be selling them or any other nonsense.

If you’re an RSS kind of person and use programs for that (like Google Reader), there are two RSS feeds for this blog, one for comments and one for the articles. You can find these at the EXTREME bottom of the home page. Also, a lot of browsers these days detect RSS feeds automatically.

In the left sidebar, you’ll see a calendar (under CALENDARIUS, Roman god of calendars LOL little inside joke there) if you want to find a post by a certain date.

Also in the left sidebar is a die (zar) that says “Roll the Dice”. If you click on this, you get taken to a random article. Around and around she goes, where she stops, nobody knows!

At the top of the screen on the right, you’ll see the search bar (looks like Sherlock Holmes style magnifying glass). This has replaced the former “Searching of Great Searchiness” but still works more or less the same.

In the center (main) column of the home page you’ll see all the articles I’ve ever posted, sorted by category. This is one of the features of the new layout that I’m most excited about because there are a ton of articles that I’ve written (well over 800 at the moment) and this gives you more access to them.

As much as I loved the old layout for its simplicity, it tended to focus more on whatever was the freshest (newest) content. There’s a lot of people coming here and some want to look at cat pictures, some want to learn Romanian words or grammar and some want to read about politics. The new layout lets you get straight to what YOU want to read with a minimum of clicking around.

I also like the much more visual layout, with thumbnail photos. We humans are very visual creatures and without those pictures, the website is just one big sea of words. I love reading obviously (I wrote all these damn articles LOL) but sometimes you need a little something to break it up.

Below is a screenshot I took on the last day of the old blog layout before I started tinkering with the new design and format. Onwards and upwards!

Guess what? Still more Romanian than you!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mircea says:

    Maybe I’m too old-school but, seriously, I couldn’t see anything wrong with the much “cleaner” old interface.

    This design forces the visitor to give at least one extra click for getting where he wants to get (no more recent posts scroll).

    Overall the changes and extra-clutter are not something we really wish for but if you’re happy with it… ;)

    Hint: take a look at Google, minimalism is still trendy ;)


  2. alien says:

    Dude, the redesign is cool but that damn eye gives me headaches. I have to squint every time I look at it. Since your put out only partial feeds, I have to come here and read…and squint…and ouch.

    Otherwise, you’re awesome!


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