It’s the Beginning of the End

Well as I write this, we are just minutes away from when the Parliament will vote on whether or not to suspend President from office.

Earlier this morning, the Constitutional Court (CCR) met for the purpose of reviewing yesterday’s parliamentary “request” to suspend the President from office. According to the law, the Parliament can only suspend the President for “grave violations” of the Constitution. And so according to the little farce that’s playing out today, the Parliament spent the morning waiting for the CCR to issue their legal opinion as to whether the President had, indeed, violated the Constitution.

Sadly, according to modifications of the law that the USL have rammed through the Parliament since their May 2012 takeover, the CCR’s opinion is only to be taken under advisement and has no legal weight. Well after a marathon 5 and a half session, the CCR released half of a ruling (PDF) on the issues at hand. I say “half” because they do discuss the individual points of the parliament’s positions but failed to issue a summary ruling on their judicial opinion about the charges as a whole (i.e. whether the President had indeed or had not infringed the Constitution).

As I said though, the CCR’s opinion is only to be taken “under advisement” and is not binding. The President of the Senate Crin Antonescu (who will take over if President Basescu is suspended) had previously stated that whether or not the CCR issued their opinion today, the Parliament was going to ahead and vote on whether to suspend the President.

The worst part is that this vote by the Parliament on whether or not to suspend the President is going to be done in total secrecy. This actually isn’t due to a new change in the rules by the USL but sadly is a well-established procedure in Romania. The people deserve to know how their “representatives” are voting but on this, the most important issue, whether or not to remove a duly elected President from office, nobody will ever know who voted for it or who voted against it.

As I wrote yesterday, all the rules have been skewed to provide a favorable outcome for the USL so I imagine that by tomorrow morning at the latest, Crin Antonescu will be the new President of Romania.

Meanwhile the president of the European Commission has issued a formal notice of concern and newspapers and NGOs all over the world are increasingly becoming worried about what’s happening in my beloved country.

The only person who isn’t worried of course is Victor Ponta because he knows that Romanians will never do anything to stop his never-ending quest for supreme power.

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  1. garagatza says:

    For fuck sake! If we didn’t have so many political issues/problems/worries – whatever else comes to mind – I would gladly accept Romania outside EU. Do you really, absolutely, without a doubt think that Romania is good under EU economy?! NATO was good for us, EU isn’t really.

    I also would gladly loved to see our national resources harvested by our own, there is enough money to pay, if needed, experts from outside Romania to make a national plan and be the ones to get our national reserves to work for us and us alone. Our gold and valuable minerals and metals would have aided us more than any European Union or the fucking thieves of IMF and World Bank which are tools for evil. We have everything we need to be a good economy, but WE suck at planning for our own good. Our politicians are not patriots. Romanians, the citizens, know what they want, but my feeling – probably not only mine – is that we went in a direction we have no real choice.

    If we actually had any alternative to choose someone capable from our politicians we would probably done so along time ago, but as mentioned the rules and regulations were skewed in favor of the corrupted politicians. The Law works in their favor, and the trap is that we have to respect the Law as it is if we want to consider Romania still a democracy. Ya right… aham… sure!!!

    Maybe we can’t see it but the foreign interests are huge, reason everything is so very wrong.

    And based on the last two things I mentioned above I would even go as far as to say Romanian democracy is “dust in the eyes”.

    Maybe my view is a bit distorted, that’s because the full extent of our problems is/was never understood by me and by doing what the politicians did so far I think they are either dumb, brain washed or they have a personal vendetta against their own country – or a mix of these.

    We deserve what’s coming! Only good thing is at least stuff like what happened in Greece isn’t happening here.


  2. Andrei says:

    Poor Romania… The same is happening as in Orban’s Hungary. I’m sad to tell, but these countries should not be in the EU.


  3. ce dumnezeu says:

    Absolut incredibil. Dupa ce face pe masculul alfa si vorbeste despre CONSECINTE GRAVE, se ridica si pleaca. BRAVO!


  4. ce dumnezeu says:

    Nici nu stiam ca Blaga e asa de analfabet.


  5. ce dumnezeu says:

    Ba tu esti nebun, asta nici n-a inceput bine sa vorbesca si l-a si mentionat pe Voiculescu. Trebuie bagat la balamuc, e clar.


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