Aflata Intr-un Loc Public

Well even though today has been crazy busy, I almost fell out of my chair laughing after seeing what the Eye picked up just a couple of hours after I posted this morning about “photo averse” people.

The Eye fetched me this article in which a local guy here in Unicorn City managed to photograph an expensive SUV parked illegally in a downtown zone. Turns out that inside was both Ioan Olteanu, the #2 guy in the (national!) PDL party and his good buddy Liviu Rusu, who is a bigwig politician in Bistrita. Apparently these two dipshits couldn’t be bothered to park legally and when they caught a guy taking the picture of their car, they chased after him and began screaming at him.

Not surprisingly, our kind Mr. Rusu (whose vehicle it was) is currently being investigated for taking bribes and is essentially “out on bail” while the case is pending. These two jokers decided to come to Cluj “to drink a coffee”. Really? Well if you’ve never been to Unicorn City you might not know that 10 meters behind the vehicle is a parking lot. Oh right, it’s a paid parking lot. You have to kick in a few lei to leave your vehicle there, unlike the handy free pedestrian crossing zone this asshole used.

Furthermore, even if that lot is full and they couldn’t find another (legal) spot on the street, there’s an enormous parking garage just down the street behind City Hall. Of course free is always best, isn’t it? Especially when your car is sporting a handy Bistrita County Council sticker so you know no local police will mess with your vehicle.

Well my hat is off to this Razvan guy who took the photo and stood up to these people. The best line is when he says:

Dl. Olteanu, numarul doi in PDL, s-a aratat deranjat de faptul ca mi-am permis sa-l fotografiez. I-am explicat ca este persoana publica aflata intr-un loc public, deci nimic nu-mi interzicea fotografierea.

Or in other words, “Mr. Olteanu was pissed off that I was taking his photo but I explained to him that he is a public person in a public place and therefore nothing was stopping me from taking the pictures.” Amen!

Speaking of my own photos, you know I thought about it and I realized that no less than eight of my photos of various people have been used and chosen by them as their avatar pictures. Clearly some people are a fan of my work and while I don’t consider myself as some sort of photo “artist” or professional it’s not like I completely suck in that department either.

Frankly, some people, whether Ioan “The Screamer” Olteanu or Liviu “I Park Like a Bribe-Taking Boss” Rusu and everyone else in this country just needs to chill. Oh and just so it’s clear, if you ever take a silly, embarrassing or any other kind of photo of me in public, feel free to post it. I’m enough of an adult to handle it ;)

Hey you better not tag me on Facebook!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wine Cub says:

    Oh, but that is normal for Romania… All aspects you mention here. Everything that made me leave and rarely look back.


  2. Irina says:

    Yes, but come on, how is the poor guy going to get from the parking lot to the cafe (I assume Diesel). Walking is overrated!


  3. Bill from California says:

    Ha Ha Ha , Great story Sam.

    These guys should get Handicapped Parking stickers like the Rich and Powerful do here in the USA. That way they won’t have to park in pedestrian cross walks. As the Rich and Powerful say here in the USA, “if it wasn’t for Handicapped people, I could never find a good place to park!”

    Or maybe they should wear Ski masks to keep from being photographed, like all the other robbers do! Ha ha

    Good writing Sam,


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