All Hail The Great Alliance!

Well, well, it looks like an FSO flunky from the American Embassy is coming to visit Unicorn CIty tomorrow to meet with American citizens. Why is he coming? What is the purpose?

Absolutely nobody knows. I’ve heard every kind of rumor imaginable, up to and including to warn us all about terrorists LOL. There certainly is no word about it on the embassy’s website and in all my years of living here I’ve never seen something similar happen before. A little birdy told me the primarie (City Hall) is flipping their wig (suparata) because nobody told them what it’s about and they just learned of it this week.

Needless to say, your intrepid blogger will be there live and in person and will give a full report (and maybe pictures!) of whatever it is that happens :D

BTW if you’re an American citizen and you’re in the area and interested in coming, either call or write the embassy.

Oh yeah, looks like I got some fun stuff scheduled for Monday. Stay tuned for that as well!

10 thoughts on “All Hail The Great Alliance!

  1. this man “vincenzo” i think he write on “google translate” always make a crap translation…who knows!


  2. De afaceri este de la sine o energie .
    Aproape tot ceea ce noi ar trebui să numim management consta din care face greu pentru persoane fizice pentru a obţine activitatea lor de făcut.


  3. maybe they want to talk about a possibility from U.S.A to start a war with Iran! and Iran heave rockets (missiles) with large scale to hit Romania and other countries from Eastern Europe,so,romanian citizens and foreign citizens living here are in danger! i hope and i want to not believe in this scenario,but is a possible scenario,why not?! U.S.A have a missile shield in Deveselu,Romania,and that disturb Iranian interests. :) damn, i think i saw to much war movies…i hope is a nightmare this scenario…


    1. “maybe they want to talk about a possibility from U.S.A to start a war with Iran!” And they want to have these talks in Cluj? C’mon, get serious!

      “U.S.A have a missile shield in Deveselu,Romania…” Not exactly. They WILL have a missile shield in Deveselu which is planned to become operational in 2015. Right now the US have nothing there (well, maybe just some officers addicted to praz).

      Yes, you probably saw too many war movies. I suggest a cure of Bollywood…


      1. like i said is a “scenario”,i made a joke nothing serious :)…till then a Israel-Iran war now is a possible scenario,watch the latest news…


  4. Could it possibly have something to do with American and other oil companies wanting to extract natural gas from shale in Romania. They just got kicked out of drilling in Bulgaria because of environmental issues. Who knows?


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