20,000 Poles, Zero Romanians

Yes I know it’s been snowing like crazy in many parts of Romania and yes I know it’s pretty darn cold just about everywhere. But I want you to look at this video here from Russia Today. Essentially the video shows and the reporter states that tens of thousands of Polish people marched in the streets in multiple cities to protest their government’s signing of ACTA, sort of the global version of SOPA.

Guess what? Romania’s government signed the same treaty on the same day. Were there any protests in the street? I didn’t see any. The camera feeds I was looking at showed 100 people in Piata Universitatii in Bucharest and they seemed to all be involved with the “old” protests against the government. Were there any online protests or any organizing against this in Romania? Again I didn’t see it. I found just a single blog post from someone (in Romanian) but I may have missed other discussions. I certainly saw almost nothing on my Facebook feed from Romanians about this.

Someone want to explain to me why people in Poland are less apathetic?

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