I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

I sure do get a lot of messages, tweets, emails and other written correspondence of all kinds. In fact, if you’ve written me lately and I haven’t responded, hang in there as I’m steadily making my way through the “pile”.

Nonetheless, I got a message here recently asking me what it takes to become a Romanian citizen. The official answer is here. If you’re reading this article in the future, be aware that this link may not work. The Romanian government is always messing with its own websites.

Basically you have to either have lived here 8 years in good legal standing or only 5 years if you’re married to a Romanian. You can’t have committed any crimes or been up to any mischief and you need to pay about 200 lei (roughly 50 euros) as well as have a billion pieces of paper stamped and translated.

And then there’s this:

Persoanele care solicită acordarea cetăţeniei române trebuie să cunoască :
– Limba română (scris şi citit);
– Constituţia României şi Imnul naţional;
– Noţiuni elementare de cultură şi civilizaţie românească (istoria şi geografia României, artă şi literatură română).

Frankly, the paperwork showing you’ve lived here and all that other stuff is relatively easy. But I sure am curious what “basic knowledge of Romanian culture and civilization” is. I’d give about 50 euros myself just to see a copy of that test, partly to see what the official government version of Romanian culture is and partly to see how I’d do.

I’ve googled around and seen some stories where sometimes the test is easy and sometimes the test is insanely hard and designed so nobody passes (without paying a bribe). Since I’ve never taken it myself, I have no idea what’s what.

In case you’re somehow interested in becoming a full-fledged Romanian citizen, their email address is cetatenie@just.ro and their phone number is 021-201-93-55. If I ever end up going this route, I’ll definitely publicize the whole thing. Should be quite interesting :)