When you’re an English speaker learning Romanian, two of the first words that you’ll learn are the equivalents for “yes” and “no.” These are “da” and “nu” respectively, and you might think that’s the end of the story. But Romanian is a unique language that has preserved a lot of Latin grammar, and that includes a more nuanced way to affirm or contradict a statement. … Continue reading Ba

The Price of Holy Matrimony

Here on the blog, as well as on other fora, I see there’s been some confusion about the monetary cost of getting married in Moldova. Since I’m going through the process right now, I thought I’d drop a little knowledge on the subject. Moldova The total and complete cost of getting married in the Republic of Moldova is: 20 lei. That comes out to about … Continue reading The Price of Holy Matrimony

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

I sure do get a lot of messages, tweets, emails and other written correspondence of all kinds. In fact, if you’ve written me lately and I haven’t responded, hang in there as I’m steadily making my way through the “pile”. Nonetheless, I got a message here recently asking me what it takes to become a Romanian citizen. The official answer is here. If you’re reading … Continue reading I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag