Happy Birthday, Mr. Zig!

Yay! After such long-winded nonsense as the other day, time for a cat picture :)

Happy Boy

Although nobody knows the exact day, approximately three years ago Mr. Zig was born in Timisoara. He had a troubled youth but has since grown into a peaceful, incredibly sweet cat with a very gentle disposition.

Sadly, he’s not the smartest cat that ever lived and thus his concept of time (among other things) isn’t the best and therefore he has no idea that today is his birthday. Nonetheless I’m sure I can do something to make it festive – namely give him some food, which he loves above all other things.

He also enjoys sleeping on his back, daily cuddles, long sessions of staring out the window, old movies and romantic walks on the beach. Since I don’t live near a beach and my computer is busy transcoding episode 6 (finally!) I think we’re going to have to stick to giving him a large helping of one of his favorite foods :)

Happy birthday, Mr. Zig and mulți ani traiasca!