NCN Interview

Well a couple weeks back I was interviewed on a local TV station here in Cluj called NCN. The good news is that I finally got my hands on the footage and now you can see it here below.

Warning: it is entirely in Romanian. Enjoy!

You know, I’ve been interviewed quite a few times now and I never quite understood why it seems every time they either invent or distort some kind of fact about me. I have no idea where they got the “he visited 39 of the 41 counties of Romania” fact since I myself have no idea how many I’ve been to :P

Much thanks and love to NCN for spending close to two hours with me that day and for Adina Fartusnic for interviewing me and also allowing me to ask her some questions as well.

PS – I thought it was going to be a print interview, hence my bizarre choice of apparel :P Also, for those of you playing at home, the interview was filmed in Piata Muzeului, one of my favorite places here in Unicorn City.

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