Word of the Day: Bozgor

Well as I briefly mentioned here and illustrated with a photograph here, the Hungarians here in Unicorn City have been getting mighty upset about the way the Lord of Cluj has been operating lately.

As sad as this is to say, stirring up the Hungarians is essentially a political move ahead of the 2012 elections, and here in Unicorn City a little dose of racism goes a long way towards earning votes from some parts of town.

Inter-ethnic tensions between Hungarians and Romanians is a long and convoluted topic which I will leave for another day but as I’ve been reading media reports about the Lord of Cluj’s latest shenanigans I’ve seen the word bozgor being thrown around quite a bit.

Essentially it’s a racist way to refer to Hungarians, similar to “wops” for Italians, “spics” for Mexicans, etcetera. There are a variety of “definitions” to this word that I’ve heard from people (as well as online sources – including this one in Hungarian) but ultimately it boils down to a pejorative term used by Romanians for Hungarians who live in Romania.

Besides just stirring up general unrest and dissatisfaction amongst the Hungarian population here in town, I now see that the Lord of Cluj’s antics are threatening the current UDMR-PDL political alliance. And some jackass dumped used oil all over some Hungarian tombstones in the historic downtown cemetery.

I hate to use negative or “evil” words in the Word of the Day but clearly there is an ongoing push to stir up inter-ethnic tension and so you’re likely to hear bozgor bandied around more and more frequently, so you might as well know what it means.