Word of the Day: Contra Cost

Lately I’ve been seeing this expression contra cost pop up a lot and I really didn’t understand it. After all, contra means “against”, so did it mean free (no charge)? Or did it mean something akin to “at a minimum cost”?

No. Turns out it’s related to a euphemism for prostitution and “contra cost” means to do something for money. It doesn’t necessarily have to be prostitution but it usually means performing some kind of service (cooking a meal, transporting someone, etc) for money when at other times (like for a friend) you might ordinarily do it for free.

Therefore sex with your spouse is (allegedly! :P) done for free while doing it for money is “contra cost” and hence prostitution. And writing a blog for the pure joy of it is fun but doing it “contra cost” is pure hucksterism :P